Chipzel – Super Hexagon EP

Artist: Chipzel
title: Super Hexagon EP
Keywords: 8bit, electronic, chiptunes, game music, retro, chipmusic

Not so very long ago, somewhere in a rural part of the United Kingdom stood a long lonely tower. There was no door or any entrance to be seen; only a top window that was almost at the same height of the clouds.
In the night people who use the surroundings to walk their dogs could see a light burning through the window. Some of them could hear some kind of music coming out of that high part of the tower.

One dog walker named Mario visited this place every day. His excuse was to let the dog do his daily needs in the surrounding grass, but his secret agenda was to solve the strange mystery of this door-less tower and its strange activities. Who was living all the way up there? What was that music coming out of that window?

One day Mario the dog walker couldn’t contain his desire for answers. He decided to left his dog at home and walked around the tower for a close inspection. He pressed every stone hoping to find a secret passage, but there was no way he could find an entrance. After feeling the disappointment sinking in his shoes, he decided to sit down and take a break. He leaned against the tower and was starting to doze off.

Suddenly he was hearing it! He was hearing the music, the mysterious music! Something he had only heard softly vaporized by the wind. He stood up and gathered all his courage, Took a few steps back to see the window far up at the highest point of the tower.

Hello? Hello?! Who is there? Can you hear me?! Hello? Mario shouted facing upwards.

There was no answer, so Mario made his hands around his mouth to direct his voice more clearer at the window.

Hello there!? Who’s up there?! I’m Mario!! Plumber, folk hero, dog walker and future prince of Warioland! Are you there?!

There was no vocal response, but the music seemed to have stopped. The light coming from the window was still burning.

Hello?! Can you hear me?!! How can I go up there?! Are you alright?! Are you responsible for these awesome pieces of music? Hello?! I am Mario, I have plucked many mushrooms for you!

Then the impossible thing happened;  There was actual movement in the window. Something was coming out..

Mama, Mia! What is that? Mario thought.. Could it be.. No it cannot be? No, yes it is! Mama mia!

Hair! A gigantic long tale of hair. It was going down from the window, and it was coming closer and closer to the floor. And then it was there, hanging in front of Mario the dog walker to use as a rope to climb up too. Mario did not think twice and showed of his climbing skills that he had practiced for weeks with his best friend Yoshi at the local gym. He climbed up and up and up. Higher and higher and he dared not to look down as the view would have dazzled him. He finally reached the window…

Here he saw her! She was beautiful! Armed with a gameboy in her hand she welcomed Mario by giving him a helping hand to climb in the window.

Hello, I’m Mario! Mario said.

But she said ‘yes, I know that’.
My name is Chipzel.
I know everything about you, Mario!
I have locked myself up in this tower just to get your attention.
What took you so long, Mario?
Do you like my music?

Si! Si! Mario answered nervously and enthusiastic. I love it, but couldn’t hear it really clear. The window is just too far from the ground you see?
That’s why I had to climb up; I wanted to know what this music is!
Who created it and who lives so lonely in this mysterious tower!
I just knew it would have been good!
So sorry I couldn’t do this earlier, I had my dog to walk you see?
So is there any chance to hear your music clearer now?

Chipzel smiled and switched on her gameboy. Here we go, this is my ‘super hexagon EP’, hope you like it!

From that night on people who walked around the tower could see flickering dancing laser lights, pixel hearts and two figures dancing wildly in the window pane!
Mario was never to be seen again.
Mario’s dog moved in with Yoshi and continued their climbing sport activities. Mario grew a very long beard that got entangled with the locks of Chipzel as they raved happy in the tower until the end of time’


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