MC Downz – Peas and Carrots

Artist: MC Downz
title: Peas and Carrots
keywords: experimental, miscellaneous, earth

MC Downz is at it again! He delivers a downer of a tune and we all love that!
I feel like watching updates on social media to spot what my fellow online friends are eating, spotting their pictures of the good food that they are capturing so beautifully before throwing it all down in to their body’s to make … well, let’s say ‘Energy’ out of it..
It is not something I normally enjoy, watching these updates of someone else their food, but for some reason it goes excellent together with this tune by MC Downz!

Peas and Carrots simply makes these ‘look what I eat’ and ‘look what you are not eating’ social media moments entertaining and somehow less awkward! MC Downz just knows what to deliver to settle things straight and make people come together in the world of food, dinner and breakfast. Oh and of course music! (how could I forget?)

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