Panq Ng – Conquering The Knot

Artist: Panq Ng
title: Conquering The Knot
keywords: devotional, angry, diy, noise, post-music, powerpop, punk, yelling

Panq Ng’s Conquering the knot is sounding like a lot of fun, marrying upbeat unicorn devotional monkey power pop to colorful madness. Music wise it’s like a colorful chaos that comes together, all kind of instruments, sounds and expressions seems to go on at all the same time, creating a circus like fest with edgy lyrics to sing along with.
It starts with the sexy ‘Gaswig’ that is an outstanding opener for every party hungry visitor! Great lyrics, playful insanity with the melodies without losing the main purpose: delivering fun times!

Than we go for the happy go lucky sound of ‘Hungry’, a more straightforward rock polka for sing along purposes while dancing around on these good vibes when the singer expresses how much ‘he is burning up again’. It is here where the punk inside the musician comes out but it is all kept in shape for the sake of feel good fun!

More upbeat craziness that invites everyone to go mental in the good way is the succesful delivery of a tune called ‘How do you take your whiskey? (Scalding hot, thanks)’. It takes power pop to a complete new level, using expressional drunk madness as an instrument, creating something fairly original, totally mad and effective in providing intensive good energy for the dance floor!

The end comes with ‘That stupid little hotel song’, a song that after hearing the previous madness; comes across indeed as the title suggest. But it isn’t a bad thing to end with some light weight song, after all it’s all good vibes no matter how hard, crazy or soft Panq Ng delivers.
‘Conquering the knot’ comes across as a positive, innovative party record! Grab this stuff over here:

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