Sightlines – Our Demands

Artist: Sightlines
title: Our Demands
format: limited edition floppy diskette
keywords: punk, pop-punk, power-pop
reviewer: Fred Loppy

Sightlines might stand next to the border of the booming floppy world, are a bit under the cover, a little bit harder to find or see; but yet here we are reviewing them! You just can’t escape the eyes of the floppy fetishist! But to be honest, I do not believe it was Sightlines intention to be so well hidden after all this band went for a colorful way to get their single out in the open!

A Red, Yellow, green, orange and blue floppy have been used to give this single something to look at and hold on too. If you are colorblind you will probably not give a sh#t about which of these colored floppies would suit best in your collection, but perhaps skip this one in the search for that floppy packed in recycled elephant poop.

No color there, but it’s touchable, features a shitting elephant on its front cover oh and has a lovely elephant smell too it. Yes, I know it’s sold out, but hey it’s easy to track the owners down if you are a bit of a fanatic.

Oh, I almost forgot: Sightlines.

See that’s the problem over here, they are standing too close outside the regular floppy field, explaining the potential buyer in great detail that their floppy contains the song in low quality and also that they have reduced the price because of a damaged (they call it ‘scuffed’) metallic cover.

Not very great advertisement is it? Scuffled and low quality? Color?
Nah, I’m just joking with you!

The music done here  by Sightlines is in my opinion a little bit too short.
It also comes across as something that I have heard before,
but can’t really put my finger on it.
I don’t want to slack Sightlines as they are actually cool enough to give rebirth to floppy’s, but if they had been looking out over these lines they must have noticed that there are much more creative things to do with a floppy and that it isn’t that great of a deal really to put some more songs on it. (If you go for a lower quality, you might as well release a complete album squeezed on that floppy of yours. Try the Opus format, guys! (Sounds terrific even in 8kbps!)

Anyway Sightlines – Our demands’ isn’t bad. But it just doesn’t seem to stick in my brain. Perhaps it’s just me not getting it again, scratching my head while the music plays. They are described as punk, pop-punk, power-pop but just sound so well produced in my opinion. It’s even mastered! (A thing we don’t come across a lot here on Yeah I Know It Sucks) And then reduced to be encoded at 112kbps ; that must have been harsh to hear for the one who mastered it.

We know Floppy Diskette is the DIY way forward of doing physical releases and it is a step in the right direction for punks and nerds to be joined forever in the end of time.. So let’s just give Sightlines’s our demands a 4 out of 5 stars just because I’m happy to see them trying to walk over the sidelines in the underground world.

But let us demand this: Sightlines next floppy diskette must be turned into a must have album, visually spectacular, featuring great punk pop tracks that will stick in the head forever, nice and raw and don’t tell anyone about broken covers and shit quality! Just freaking kick ass! You are power pop punks, no reason to be polite and reduce the price of your product: let em eat it!

Sorry to interrupt the rant/review but because of being extremely popular and high in demand, you might want to go quickly to the link on the bottom of this writing and get your hands on the last leftover copy before it’s all sold out:

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