UMBERTO – La Llorona

artist: UMBERTO
title: La Llorona
keywords: electronic, electro, horror, soundtrack

Who brings back the cool black breeze of air into the world of electro?
This is a task for UMBERTO, an act hailing from the city of lost Angels, delivering two great spooky electro horror tracks with ‘La Llorona’.
They are both made for the dance floor, and would satisfy so well vampires as well as old school electronic retro lovers.
It got the fatness in its punchy baseline, it has the mysterious female vocalist singing a secret spell of haunting opera vibes and the right arpeggio’s to get your head bopping in time. Are you ready to spit out that nasty looking third eye of yours?

A beat is certainly the main pressure point that keeps these solid dark electro works together, keeping it pleasant and playable in any respectable goth club. It has a classic feel of evil, and for some reason I can visualize Bella Lugosi getting up from his grave to dance on the wicked baseline of ‘Carla Moran’. It’s a solid release that is nasty in all its greatness! Great synth work, dark but pretty melodies that deserves to poison your heart with darkness. Check it out over here:

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