Diode Milliampere – YMF262

Artist: Diode Milliampere
Title: YMF262
format: .a2m modules on Floppy Diskette / Audio CD
Keywords: electronic, chipmusic, chiptune, demoscene, fm synth, minimal

The following release by Diode Milliampere doesn’t come across very funny. The main reason is probably because it isn’t really made to be funny. In fact Diode Milliampere’s floppy diskette release (also available on CD or as a dandy CD & Floppy combination) is actually pretty serious business. It is titled YMF262 and yes that sounds a bit like a technical formula for a secretive form of nerve gas or something…

But we from YIKIS assure you that it isn’t dangerous to play this YMF262 as in fact it is just the scientific title for a very nice record that consist of pretty and well produced music done by this Diode Milliampere. It was created completely in Adlib Tracker II with a authentic 1999 Toshiba Libretto 70CT. This might be sneaky advertisement for an old Toshiba, but it is actually just the honest truth supplied by the artist himself.

The floppy diskette contains the original tracks in the .a2m Adlib Tracker format, which gives you the great opportunity to see behind the scenes of this artist and be wowed away how Diode Milliampere programmed the patterns of these tunes with great skill and sophistication. Even though using a retro style tracker, the music that Diode has produced comes across as pretty modern and very in the now. Futuristic might be a good word to get an idea of what we are dealing with here.

Who of these two is the real Diode Milliampere?

Who of these two is the real Diode Milliampere?

YMF262 consists of six tracks, all have their own sounds and directions. The first one is named ‘Aquarius’ and is what I would describe as cool as f#ck coming from a techno electronic hub! It has a nice intelligent flow, has a nice flavor of the old school friendly demoscene sound but also seems to flirt with experimental bitstep. Diode Milliampere keeps it light and friendly while supplying a underlining coolness in electric base programming.

ADR1FT is really nice, is a bit short but not short enough to not catch this chilled out vibe that Diode Milliampere was capturing here.

Mutable Signs is a moving piece of electronica, it instantly makes me dance while I dream of robots surfing over a colorful pixel rainbow. The funky baseline, the feel good mellow melody and steady beat simply deliver the ‘good vibes’.
The tune ends with a wave coming from a digital sea that lands on the non-existing beach. It’s summer time computer music!

The pleasure of music is going forward with a relaxing tune called XM1SS10N. It is music you want to take out your sunglasses for, just so you don’t look underdressed when someone finds you while listening to this cool stuff!

More friendly and sunny is the vibes brought by the feel good anthem ‘on planet zaxxon’. Great uplifting melody that for sure will get your moods up and turn your day (even if it was miserable) into a happy and bright one!

We might as well be so happy and bright that Diode Milliampere transports us straight in to the world of NULL. A track that feels like as if we are looking at the sky, witnessing falling stars and other obscure rarities. A beautiful ending really for this lovable release by Diode Milliampere.
You should get one if this is something you would like and interested in. Check it out at the following link:

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