Floyd Kelly – HeliosXII the epic

Artist: Floyd Kelly
title:HeliosXII the epic
keywords: compositions, electronic,

On a sunny day somewhere in twitterland we had received a request from a familiar fellow that Alex Spalding wrote once a lengthy review about:
But Floyd Kelly is not your average sort of person. Not everyone is able to review this genius. He has his own set of rules and as a reviewer you just have to open up and swallow:
As you can read in the screenshot above: to review Floyd Kelly you are kindly obliged to forget who he is. To pretend that you haven’t heard of him before and act like you don’t really know him. Things that suit me perfectly as a fact, I don’t really know him. Neither in person but also his music output had still remained largely uncharted grounds to my ears. He also has this golden rule of sending him an acceptance letter, which for some reason feels a bit like you are writing a letter to a wild stranger with no idea what to write for content. Because of a busy schedule and growing up with warnings never to write a letter to a person you don’t know, I will try to write the letter (including the requested review) here out and in the open.

Dear person that I don’t know and have never heard of before,

I have wondered for hours: how do you look like? Do you have long hair or short or perhaps no hair? What do you eat for breakfast, do you eat breakfast? Are you a sportive character? Do you enjoy midnight snacks?
Oh dearest unknown person, not knowing you has been hard and kept my mind busy with questions.

Please consider me as your trusted reviewer and accept me as someone who wants to write about your music as I am a person very unknown in your life. I really hope you approve of my acceptance letter even though I had to publish it in public. If I had known you I would have send it to you in private, maybe handwritten and delivered by my reliable postal pigeon Charles. Ah I bet you did not know about my postal pigeon hobby either, well I don’t blame you really as we are of course total strangers.

I am writing to you this open letter because I wanted to let you know that I have accepted the challenge and wanted to review these tracks of yours. Not only because I feel it might lighten up the situation of not knowing you, but also would be just very interesting to hear something made by a total stranger. Will it reveal details about who you are as a person? Would the music create a new individual made up in the imagination for lack of personally not knowing who made these tracks?

I might as well just go for it, and see what happens. I have a slight hope that you are willing to accept my humble letter of acceptation, and give me as a stranger the opportunity to hear another stranger their creative expressions. And trust me it humbles me dearly if you would be indeed so kind to accept me as your approved reviewer.

I just clicked that mysterious link of yours directing me to a website that I had not seen before. A realm of information exploded in front of my eyes. For the first time in my life I read your name, looked at a picture of your face and felt like filling up the mysterious stranger aspect with great analysis and detail of what I could make up by getting in touch with your world for the first time.

But as this is just my little letter of acceptance and I’m not really sure if you want me to review details of your name and how you look and come across in the visual representation of yourself but rather keep yourself more low profile and as unknown as possible, I will not write any of my findings out and keep our personal relationship as if I have no idea who you are and what your name is. It might actually help with giving this review an experimental twist don’t you agree, stranger?

Let me at least give me the enjoyment by letting me write about your music. The first impression without knowing you or ever heard of your music is pretty overwhelming. It is not so much the actual content of the music but the overall sound that took me by surprise. It made me think of a time were people enjoyed experimenting with midi music, but instead of going for old fashioned ideas this music was coming across more coming from a complete planet on its own. This music is something else!

Once adjusted to the sound choice of the production (it took me a few minutes), I had opened my ears and mind a little bit wider from surprise or shock. There was simply ‘no turning back’ when going into the space of music that the unanimous producer had created over here. When I closed my eyes (mind you: not my ears) I could see scrolls full of notes passing by covering every detail and aspects of each individual sound. Also fanatic written down patterns for the drums to follow visualized in my mind! All of these this stranger that I have never met seemed to have been combined and glued together to play and form one hectic but unique piece of music, this is not really a producer at work, but this individual comes across as a real life modern day composer.

I really hope one day someone somewhere would get in touch with him and introduce his compositions to be played by a real orchestra. That would be truly an amazing experience and I would definitely pay to see that performance done solidly by skillful musicians that have no problem translating a composition so modern and hands-on into a completely new dimension. Maybe instead of the traditional percussion player a skilled drummer of a legendary rock group could be added with the classical cellists, violin players and talented piano players. I have tears in my eyes just to imagine how beautiful and epic that experience would be to hear  ‘no turning back’ , ‘hungry for popcorn and ‘I.am.Now’ covered by a symphonic orchestra with added rock artists. It would be really spectacular!

‘Hungry for popcorn’ is by the way less busy in sound but has a nice vibe that makes you want to do ‘things’. I’m not sure if popcorn is allowed to be eaten while going for a classical concert, but perhaps now is the time to change things! Not just a standing ovation at the end, but also the concert goers armed with popcorn buckets interacting with their mouth while the formidable music plays! After all just like ‘I.Am.Now’ impends, these compositions are lightening up the now and hopefully the future, with a nice wink to the retro midi past. Everything is feeling relatively positive and you can hear that the composer has puts his blood sweat and love in these creations of his.

Now it’s just a moment of time between us, his fans and the new comers, but it’s only a matter of time that these compositions will be discovered and will be performed by legendary orchestra’s all over the world!  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate form of ‘Epic’!? Check it out if this is something that you want to hear, or perhaps pass it on to someone who knows someone, who knows someone who got contacts within a symphonic orchestra. Make dreams come true and find the original tracks by a person I do not know over at the following link:

Hi Floyd Kelly;
I hope the previous review would have been given your green sign of acceptance.
I did my best to imagine not to know who you are, and forgot simply everything I read in an earlier review by another vague colleague who’s name I also pretend to not remember.
With sincere regards,

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4 Responses to Floyd Kelly – HeliosXII the epic

  1. Floyd Kelly says:

    Mr. Spalding – I utilize a hashtag on Twitter.com that elevates other people in a small but meaningful way – it’s #AwesomePeople. Dear sir, you ARE #AwesomePeople and I thank you grandly for this (not only expeditious) but very fun review of my first three musical numbers of “HeliosXII – the epic”. I was not expecting anything from a reviewer but maybe a paragraph – but you went beyond – this is very special. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Floyd Kelly

  2. Floyd Kelly says:

    Reblogged this on Floyd Kelly.

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