Radchild – Stuck in the Bathroom EP

Artist: Radchild
Title: Stuck in the Bathroom EP
Keywords: experimental, avant-garde, Lo-Fi, ambient, electronic, noise

‘Step Backwards’ is a step forwards in getting to know the strange music by Radchild. It starts so slow that our technical people had to check all the cables of our hi-Fi system, if everything was working how it supposed to do. But once Radchild’s softness has made its appearance it is a moment that needs opening the ears as wide as possible in the hope to catch the petite details of this artist’s sound.

It’s a soundscape, but sounding so fragile that it is recommended to place it under a microscope to hear these small but pretty noises. Better have such a tool close at hand because the tracks aren’t very long lasting; making it almost more of a challenge than a normal (what is normal if we are speaking about the ‘experimental’ side of music?) more regular piece of sound entertainment.

Track 2 ‘Stuck in the bathroom’ is in the same direction, without the slow start but with the microscopic noises that needs to be heard with full attention. Something that I unfortunately, don’t seem to have at the moment. I wish there was nothing around me, only this music. Just 4 white walls and a mind full concentration on every aspect of this soundscape.. The sounds seem to deserve it, but I as a reviewer feel ashamed not to deliver what it deserves. The only thing that I can hope for is that if on one day it will happen that for some reason I might get stuck in the bathroom; I will have brought this release with me to entertain, observe and really listen while waiting for someone to rescue me from . If that day comes, I assure you to write another ‘review’.

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