Master Toad – Chaos EP Floppy

artist: Master Toad
title: Chaos EP Floppy Disk
keywords: lobit, ambient, drone, noise
format: Floppy Diskette
label: Dark Forest Media

When good taste in music meets up with a lobit fetish, things gets excited. But when those two are settled down on a true lovable floppy diskette our enthusiasm goes slightly out of control! Alarm bells start to ring and the inner Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s sofa comes out! Tongues start to go wild, slime splatters around and joyful rays of happiness rush through the body!

Can you feel it? Good music in lobit on a floppy diskette for sure sets my world on fire and upside down like David Bowie in Labyrinth. Don’t you want to touch it? Lick it? Hold it in your fingers and insert it in an authentic  floppy drive?

To top it off; it’s not your regular piece of good music, it’s the excellent work of Master Toad! This EP was previously released as a digital download on the legendary netlabel Sirona Records and has been enjoyed by thousands of pleased listeners. But now as a touchable release the Chaos EP gets the more delicate appearance that suits the true lobit lover and collectors of precious things like this quality piece of handmade handicraft.

Just look at it, let it sink in your realm of imagination! Are your hands, ears and eyes not twinkling from this must have piece of awesomeness?
Music wise I wanted to place a link to a review I did from when it came out on Sirona Records..

But wait..

For some reason I was convinced that I already reviewed this lobit classic, but doing some searching around it I have to come to the conclusion that it was probably all in my head. Reviewed in my dreams perhaps only to wake up and find out that not all dreams are a reality. But there is no need for sadness, as it’s always a pleasure to hear Master Toad and write a new review but this time in the earthly realm..

The Chaos EP starts with guitars sounding like a swirl of seagulls, first there was just a couple moaning as if they were enjoying some kind of intercourse action, but than a whole group popped up filling up the sky with their feathery wings and birdlike calls before splashing in a deeper depth of the lower bitrate making everything a little wet, a bit damp but also adventurous in sound.

Master Toad introduces us to the inner dimensional ghoul. He does this soft and gentle, you need to adjust the volume to hear and see the ghoul clearer to count the creepy pimples on his nose. But it’s also nice to just enjoy the soft friendly haunting ambience that keeps this ghoul companionship.

What would this EP be without Master Toad’s Harmonic Dust? Probably less mythical as this dust is sounding warm but also slightly possessed. There also might be a cat-like creature involved in this recording.

Then my personal favorite track on this record attends my ears for a proper performance. It is called ‘Pulse Infused Wave Frequency’ and has something about it. (Something indescribable perhaps) That will explain why it’s so difficult to write what my ears are hearing.

It’s created with a guitar, first it uses a more regular form of what guitar players normally do with their strings, but it makes room rather quickly for a more avant-garde like work. A work that makes me think of the guitar trying to imitate an old squeaky door or something. Let’s say that it sounds mysterious and I hope you all accept this as a reasonable description of the indescribable.

The last track is even putting more mystery on the ears as if we are dealing here with a tournament with contestants trying to beat time and space. In fact it isn’t very far off as what Master Toad had In mind probably as the artist called it ‘Tormentor of Time and Space’. We hear a layer of angel dust and cyber genetic laser swords doing a slow and lonely fight somewhere in the middle of a black hole. No, not the human one, but one somewhere in outer space far away from our hourly rhythms.

The time is endless there and suddenly I see that review that I wrote in my dreams. It has been floating here in this hole all this time! Let me try to select it while avoiding the laser swords.. Yes! It’s working! Now my copy+paste tactic to finalize this deal.. And if you are reading this, than I might have succeeded to conquer time and space for you to bring this review from out of pure nothingness!

Now its up to you to get this floppy by the one and only Master Toad and be lost in it forever! Trust me; that’s in time/space terms a very good thing!
make this dream into a reality by buying this original release over at the following link:

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