Borstal Boy – They Gave The Children Drugs (DLR077)

Borstal Boy - They Gave The Children Drugs

… (this is the album art for They Gave The Children Drugs by Borstal Boy)…

Artist: Borstal Boy
Title: They Gave The Children Drugs
Label: Deep Lake Records
Cat#: DLR077
Keywords: Electronic, Dub, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding ^_^



I’m kind of speechless at the moment.

*looks around nervously*

I think I’ll just… start the review, if that’s ok.

The, um, first track is called ‘Acid Eyes’. It starts with, like… a noise. Ah, that’s horrible, let me start over… I mean, it sounds like spinning stars in a sea brain with entrancing harmonics and… did I say too much already? Sorry! There’s some chanting, too… it’s very special and psychedelic and… you probably think I sound like an idiot. Sorry! It’s… really magical, senpai. I feel like I’m on a mountain…

*needs a segue, so embarrassed*

Oh! … I already forgot what the title of the second track was… sorry, sorry… hold on, I’ll look… oh, yes, it’s called ‘Death Walk In Tibet’. I makes me feel… feelings. It’s like, a meditation on time and space and the natural progression of events in the cosmos. I hope that doesn’t bother you…


The third track is ‘After The Storm’, and feels like… it feels… like someone recorded the beginning of the cosmos with a cassette player. There are deep, uh, layers of organ, very organic. *so redundant* Also… this album is nice, in that it makes you wonder how it was produced, to sound so… fragile and warm. This is one of the best things ever… I feel like I’m outside, soaking rays from a nearby porchlight at night, listening to crickets and staring into space as I pace a cold lawn in early Autumn.

*shuffles feet*

Are we on the fourth track? Oh no, I should be keeping up with that. Sorry!!! ‘Black Eyes’ is a masterpiece of thirsty synths, quaking my mind. *falls over* It’s very ambient, astrological, intense, throbbing with electrons and magnetic particles. The way some of the synths are played reminds me a lot of the wondrous, cosmic quality of Ozric Tentacles.

AGH! ._.

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. It’s just that this next track crept up on me and it was kind of frightening. .-. ‘They Hung The Architect When The Foundation Crumbled’ is… um, well, uh, it’s the next track. It sounds so nice! But, there are these voices that are really harsh on my ears, it sounds like a dream until they come on and then it’s like… it’s like listening to a loud phone operator at 911. I hope you didn’t call the cops, senpai.


‘Dreamlover’ is even scarier. There’s a phaser voice and it’s loud and shrill. And… that’s it.

So there’s that.

The, uh… oh, um… ‘Psychedelic Dreams’ sounds really nice, it’s got a rhythm, very pulsating breakbeat, and floating noise generators and synths that just kind of meander in the background like cows in a pasture chewing on grass. Sorry! I didn’t mean to call the synths a cow, senpai.

*makes another lame joke, apologizes afterward*

Then there’s a track called ‘Fire Fire Fire’, which sounds scary, but it isn’t. There’s some beeping, and a laser siren, and a static hum. I think it might be morse code for something. I hope it’s not an S.O.S.! There’s more chanting… it becomes pretty serene.

Then… oh, right… that’s the end. ^_^

What a surprise! I know, when I first saw the title of the album, They Gave The Children Drugs, I expected something like…

… but it wasn’t anything like that. This was one of the best albums I’ve heard recently… it’s kind of like the mood of early BoC, but… warmer, drier, full of that fuzzy analog joy. Uh… I hope you don’t mind, senpai, but I’m so clumsy, I accidentally dropped your link and it fell to the bottom of the page.

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