(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.?

Artist: (o)†HERS
title: What happened to Laurie Burke.?
keywords: edm, experimental, idm, ambient, drag, drone, power electronics, with house
label: Glorey Hole Entertainment http://gloreywhole.bandcamp.com

Sometimes a requested review takes longer than usual to be reviewed; in most cases because it’s a work that deserves full attention or that it is a compilation consisting of 24 hours of audio to spit through. In the case of this review for a splendid release by (o)†HERS it was the attention that the content deserves as this is like most releases released through the glorious Glorey Hole Entertainment not your average kind of album. This is one that will screw you up for sure!

Track 1 to track 12 is produced by an associate fellow called Ron D’andrea. I have been honored to be connected to his world through an anti-social social network. Here he befriends and unfriends and befriends me again on a regular basis, perhaps it’s an automatic thing, accounts that gets suspended, or I delete him by accident or.. Just for the fun of it! After all its what people do on an anti-social social network.

I do know that when we are in a period of connection that I found his pictures of human albino’s very interesting and intriguing, also his posts to help lonely dogs (I’m a proud mother of two dogs so it makes sense) always warms my heart. He is a kind man and he also makes a lot of mysterious music!

And that’s why it takes a lot of time to review this album, because I feel connected and disconnected and connected to the producer behind it, which leaves me in a state of mind that floats around a bit. Nonetheless you are here reading it, so that might be a sign of succeeding in getting things done!

So what about the album? Its title is ‘What happened to Laurie Burk?’
I personally have no answers; in fact I have no idea who Laurie Burk is. Is she a victim of some kind? Is she a television personality? A person caught up in a drama between two albinos’ that fall in love with the same woman? Let’s put on a detective hat and try to find out!

The first clues are rolling in when the first track enters my eager ears. Something is digging or walking? A transformer occupied with the soul of a creepy demon? It sounds as if the machine is digging a hole or digging something up. Could it be the Laurie Burk? Whatever is happening exactly there is no real clue of our mysterious Burk being alive, that doesn’t mean she isn’t alive but one thing is for sure there are ‘no more smiles’. That is in fact a clue given through the title name of this track, but indeed as your trusted reviewer I could not trace a smile in the audio. This was/is serious stuff!

Perhaps Laurie Burk went out to dance, decided to break with her friends and joined the darker side of nightlife? (o)†HERS leaves hints like he has been an eye whiteness recording the whole phenomenon (later to be released as the release that I’m reviewing at this very moment). Strangely this seedy nightlife has a funky beat that indeed wants to invites us to join, to pay less attention to the thieves pick pocketing your wallet, the mobsters removing someone’s leg and the involuntary prostitutes that roam the premises. What happened to Laurie Burk?

I hear her releasing a couple of fanatic screams and an emotional half cry. Laurie Burk must be in some terrible danger, a life situation that could end up deadly for this distressed sounding person. On the other hand the music is pretty grooving too, as if we are in the mind of a musical psycho killer being happy and content when having a poor Laurie Burke lurked in a situation beyond her control. At the end of the track I can spot a door closing and falling in lock mode. Shit, just as we had some trace of Laurie Burk we are left staring at a heavy weight locked door to stare at.

The next track is obviously recorded in a private room of some kind. We hear someone snorting an excessive amount of white powder.. (What am I saying? Excessive? This is the amount that should be registered in the Guinness book of records!). The person doing it might have an endless ability to snort without exhaling air! It’s as if the person has no bones left in her or his noise. I have to be vague with my conclusions here as it is not clear whose nose is snorting here. Laurie Burk or her possible tormentor?

Ohwell f#ck it, I’m off to the detective bar to hang out with other reviewers that turned into detective. A career switch that isn’t entirely strange really.. You know it’s good to get loaded and dance on some dark dance music. ‘Hey Deejay what’s that tune?’ Oh (o)†HERS with ‘On The Floor!’.. Right on!
After having a few drinks and chats for opinions among the other wasted detectives I thought to give this research a different new spin; it was time for a new direction! I danced through the hallways while another tune by this extremely popular producer (o)†HERS was still spreading the outside of the dark streets.

And there it was! Yet another clue! A couple of them! It was all in my head but I’m sensitive for these spiritual things. I could see Laurie Burk chained to a bed somewhere in a hidden room with green walls and only a camera as company. She was crying and  I saw her tormentor playing with a gas burner, rattling with iron, electricity and water. What the person was doing to Laurie Burk remained questionable, but it didn’t come across as a pretty situation.

After this vision of Laurie Burk being in terrible trouble my head kept on spinning. In fact I was dizzy and had to take a rest when another vision entered. It was an alien laughing in my face and pointing a finger at me as if it took the piss of my failure of not knowing what the hell was happening or had happened with this Laurie Burk person.

I had called for backup when I woke up and armed with multiple failing detectives we got to chase the clues without any form of evidence! Luckily (o)†HERS provided the best possible soundtrack to get my partners hyped up enough to run through the dark alleyways, flashing their flashlights in search for Laurie Burk..

Even though the search had no results I did not give up on my instinct or believes. So I followed the music and ended up in a church. And as a sign of the son of the holy one, I could hear a familiar sound. One that has come to me earlier in an unclear clue! Right here and right now I heard the earlier infinite record breaking sound of snorting.. Was Laurie Burk perhaps kept here? Had I and my multiple partners been looking in all the wrong places?

It looked as if it was too late, even the ambulance in the back ground would be to late to safe Laurie Burk. I had to go through the cellar of the church and had to be careful  not to bump into the arms of the mysterious kidnapper that had hunted my brain with vague visions.
Then I heard an old radio play and something hard had fallen hard on my head. The whole scenery was fading away as I passed out.

When I woke up I was Laurie Burk, Sitting as a fainted fade out version of myself in a room of my visions. My tormentor was playing a sad song on a piano and offered me a glas of dead wine and informed me that I looked pale today. My tormentor played a song on the wine glasses to make this psychedelic drama into a happy ending, even if it was pretty obvious that we had both been dead and this whole review was a terrible case of Identity crisis.

Even though not knowing what had happened to me, and between me and my tormentor; it felt as if we had fallen in love somewhere in this strange situation. And by finding the Laurie Burk inside of me and hearing a bonus track by Cane Sugar; I felt we had to end this moment with a dance between the two of us in our final resting place of your head.


<Laurie Burk>

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