Vlad Shegal – live May 1, 2014

Artist: Vlad Shegal
Title: live May 1, 2014
keywords: acoustic, hard rock, lo-fi, folk, live
label: Popsakal Records

Vlad Shegal is a special human as he is one to provide many sides of him and converts them in all kinds of music. With this release of his he delivers something that will lead again to great enthusiasm of some foreigners that are oblivious to the language that Vlad expresses his soul with.

Music is a language we all can understand (unless perhaps if you are deaf) , and that is probably why Vlad’s folk music is also so  loved among people who can’t understand a word of what Vlad Shegal sings about. I am not lying when I overviewed conversations between Americans and a Dutch person about considering to learn Vlad Shegal’s official language or how much they would enjoy to be able to sit around a campfire and listen and see Vlad Shegal performing live and close!

And it’s understandable because just like in this release, you can ‘feel’ Vlad Shegal when he plays his music, you know he does it to entertain his loved ones and that’s why we are all so blessed that Vlad Shegal also records these intimate private live performances so he could spread his love and entertainment all over the digital interwebs.

I can’t wait to read more forums or private chat box conversations of what the online followers of Vlad Shegal have to say about this new release. Will this be the final drop in the bucket for his foreign fans to book a ticket to Vlad Shegal’s home & home country?

Imagine everyone in the world moving out to sit in the field with Vlad Shegal while he makes friendly jokes and plays his guitar like no one else does. imagine the large crowd around him all wanting to see and hear Vlad Shegal sing and perform in his own friendly style. Even though I’m sure Vlad Shegal is not going to change, no matter how much success and how huge his flock of followers will grow; but when everyone will end up wanting to be close to Vlad Shegal while he performs; the original recordings that we love so much (like the ones coming with this release) wouldn’t be the same again.

If the day will come of foreign fans all mass immigrating to the land of Vlad Shegal, I would truly hope that Vlad takes his loved ones, his crowd of cozy listeners and friends to a place where no one is able to find them, so he can go on making wonderful precious authentic folk songs in an intimate atmosphere. I hope he never stops sharing them even though the risk of growing into a household name super star!

Hear his latest (and still intimate, warm & cozy and sometimes raw and punky) live release over at the following link and hear for yourself what the hype is all about:

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