Little interview with Andy W.


Hello Andy, thank you so much for creating time in your busy schedule of being dead (but your art lives forever!) and come over to do this little interview. Hope you had a good flight to our humble studio and are willing to answer some light weight questions.

Andy: .. Ah.. Yes…

To come straight to the point; did you had any idea that your work would still be in the news headlines in the year of 2014?

Andy: .. Uh.. Yes..

You are aware that after quote ‘an intensive search for three years’ they have found your digital masterpieces that were waiting to be discovered on a bunch of floppy disks?

Andy: ..uh.. No..

Well they did found them with the help of the Andy W. museum and a helpful computer club that took up for the challenge.

Andy: …uh..Yes?

Personally I can’t help to believe it could be a hoax, it’s just so good to be real, really. But I am sure that the Andy W. museum had someone watching over the group that explored these lost and found floppy diskettes. But oh man, if I was them I would draw an Campbell soup can and just pass it through as the real thing you know. But perhaps that’s me being crazy and paranoid, but you do have to admit that it could be something that fits in your concept of art, right?

Andy: ..uh… Yes?

Anyway it’s good advertisement for the Andy W. museum and for what I saw they have filmed it all for some kind of documentary; so I hope that one will shine some light and details on the process. You remember working with the Computer making a digital portrait of Debbie Harry?

Andy: .. Ah… No…

It’s on YouTube.. Let me find it for you if you are interested..

Andy: .. Uh.. Yes?

Here you go Andy:

Andy: …

Apparently you made a couple of works on that computer, do you remember how it felt working with this medium? Do you remember the first time?

Andy: ..uh.. No?

It’s been a while I guess. Anyway, they published a digital work of yours that looks like a self-portrait, and there is also a picture of a pixel Venus with a third eye. What was the conceptual idea behind making that extra third eye?

Andy: ..uh.. No…

No concept?

Andy: ..uh.. Yes..

Are you excited that the world is finally getting to see your digital art, after being hidden for so many years?

Andy: ..uh.. Y… No..

Neither am I really. It’s a nice piece of history, but I prefer watching pictures of furry cats doing stupid things on the internet. I watch so many pictures of cats, it’s really nice. I guess you would enjoy this cat thing too. I mean it is a whole scene of people looking at cats, trillions of people watching pictures of cats. Movies! There are also movies, homemade movies of cats. Everybody making pictures or videos of their cats, and people watching all these cats, it’s all about mass production in adorable cats imagery these days.. You would dig that shit, It is really cool!
Do you like cats?

Andy: ..


Andy: ..uh.. yes..

Thank you Andy; for this wonderful insightful little interview.
May you rest in peace and your art live happily ever after!


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