STRANGE – Amnesia EP

Title: Amnesia EP
keywords: electronic, experimental, hip-hop, instrumental
reviewer: Willem Van O.

That’s strange; I keep forgetting to write a review about an EP called ‘Amnesia’.
Now that I remember, it’s good to write one on the spot before putting it back in the black hole to never to be seen and heard again. I must not forget to bring a shovel to dig a hole, because this release is deep, real deep! It isn’t strange perhaps because it looks like its creator has an unarming love for deep base synths. He doesn’t forget to care of them and gives them all a nice place in this two track EP.

One is a bit of a heavy track called … shit.. I forgot.. Oh yes, The Killing! It makes me think of this oddly popular James Blake person. I do not have anything against him, but I just don’t get it. When opening Japanese designer magazines (don’t ask me why I open these, perhaps I’m a bit of a stranger too) I see all these designers saying that James Blake’s music is their inspiration.. To me it’s strange, but I guess not everyone has time to stroll the more wicked sounds of the underground for inspiration; And for some odd reason all end up with James served on a plate. This is the cool shit now, from England! Listen to it, its vague stuff. Isn’t it hip?

Strange it is.. Musical tastes and listening to music. What music can do to our moods, that it all have different results spinning it to different individuals. The Japanese designers might design delightfully when James plays on the background, and I bite the carpet in a frustrated way just not ‘feeling it’.
It’s perhaps because as a music maker we listen differently, we want to connect with something, how it is made or how it is inspiring perhaps. While I hear James tracks play I just feel every track is a filler, all made to be vague and to sound intelligent. Maybe I’m just jealous. Perhaps these designers are smarter than me, they get it, and they have special brains that I lack. To me it’s just gibberish but then camouflaged as music.

But before writing a whole bible about someone who’s name I simply cannot seem to forget; this review isn’t about that James. This is about an artist named STRANGE. A strange name for an artist perhaps, but at least it’s clear that this individual isn’t scared to be different. Also ‘The Killing’ might have triggered this whole ‘James’ rant, but the work by STRANGE is definitely much more understandable and less vague for the sake of vagueness. Also I don’t think STRANGE does have his own VEVO channel on YouTube yet.. Which is strange as STRANGE’s music would probably also appeal to these Japanese designers and they would probably make complete different designs while listening to STRANGE. They might want to check out this .. what was it? What am I doing here? Who are you? Ah, yes! The Amnesia EP!

In a way I see the music of James being slain by STRANGE’s ‘The Killing. Why? Because it’s just more to the point, very dubiously groovy and got these dubstep vibes that would be nice to hear on every location. It has these base-sounds doing funky slow baselines that just makes you want to say naughty things. Naughty things about the music of James while you are writing about someone called STRANGE.

Imagine this STRANGE was James’s secret side project, one that he could just let himself go from all the attention, of the Japanese designers that follow every move and sound he produces under his own name. Wouldn’t that be an ultimate strange plot twist? The second track ‘Phobias’ throws all the brakes lose while giving a more danceable tune. It’s still a bit vague perhaps mingling ambient tones with these precious ravers delight of a baseline, some more bright synth pads, and a rhythmic dance floor beat.

Nah, I’m sure this isn’t James being undercover. It would be too much make-up, and also the hair would be impossible to fake. Plus the blue/purple-ish skin-color is just something that doesn’t seem to match! In fact I think this was just a case of writing out while being intoxicated by the content of a strange looking (and now empty) bottle. Besides this music is way to straight forward for James to come up with! I just wrote a whole bunch of gibberish for the sake of gibberish.
I just wanted to know how it felt to be vague in the hope that one day a Japanese designer will read this and designs an incredible design from it.


I must go to bed.. If I could just remember where it is.. Oh but do listen to .. Jam.. No..
STRANGE’s EP called Amnesia! Don’t forget to put up the base!

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