Jankenpopp – Zombie Media

artist: Jankenpopp
title: Zombie Media
keywords:8bit, diy, electronic, breakcore, chiptune, circuit bending, club, experimental, electronic, gameboy, glitch
label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/

Getting down with Jankenpopp has never been so easy, just travel to the Darling DaDa netlabel zone and get the Zombie Media EP for the fabulous price of a finger click. Just take it all in and go with the flow as Jankenpopp inserts itself in your brain with what sounds like a ‘konami credit code’. You know when it starts when a beep start to bounce in the center of your brain and the transmission will move forward by transforming your muscles into mechanical machinery. It’s not going to hurt and the machinery isn’t stiff or rusty, in fact when the code rattles in all the right ways you’ll be one hell of a funky dancing robot!

Jankenpopp than proceeds to loosen up your screws, add some oil to make you move smoother and turns the difficulty levels one more level up! Jankenpopp has stolen singing singers their voices, a burp of a frog and a rasta man to provide the right amount of ganja to get your newly robot mind all up in higher atmospheres! Your block head will be turned into one festive feast full of rhythm and sound that will drive the previous implanted cookies out! Cookies baked by a devil called Google and provided secretly to track you down, collect your information, whereabouts and activities. The hammer fest of rhythm will remove this babylon system in a enjoyable way, clearing up your robot head to make space for new dance moves!

And you will use and abuse them with extremely great pleasure while moving and grooving in style on the contagious dance hit called ‘Noog’ ,wickedly crafted by your new creator Jankenpopp! Yes, your transformation has now been completed and Jankenpopp can feed you any danceable information, and the only way to respond is by dancing. Here you will clap your hands, bend your mechanic knees, do the funky chicken and some excellent moving improvisations! Jankenpopp just feeds you the grooves and you just show your best moves!

Jankenpopp will send you on a mission with its final highlight on this funky EP! Time to get your new mechanics even better under control, tighten the screws or unscrew them for perfect flexibility! When ready; you just follow that rhythm, that bass, the chopped up stuff and defeat the end boss named the ‘Epic cat lover frum da interweb’ by more skillful dancing! Dancing on top of the Epic Cat Lovers head will work out the quickest and by defeating this creature; you will have the honorable honor to take over this title of interweb’s honor! Congratulations, you skillful dancing mechanic creation; you have been fabulous!

Oh, human? Still here? Get robotified and start your dance program over at the following link because Jankenpopp is waiting for you!

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