Nihilistic Delusion – Succubus

artist: Nihilistic Delusion
title: Succubus
keywords: black noise, harsh, depressive noise
label: Punk Noise

Excuse me.
I feel negative energy all around,
I feel depressed,
Disappointed in humanity,
Let down and lost.
Who or what is going to safe me?
I don’t want to dive in that doomed black hole again for months,
Crying pillows wet for no real reason.
I want something else..
I want something that fixes this..
No pills, I don’t want to go down zombie lane, I want to feel alive, conquering this depression  with something that pulls me through it,
Kicks me so hard that I can face this idiotic world again without hiding in a lonely corner.

I’m a people hater because they are all assholes. No, not you of course, you are lovely; taking the time to read these sucky reviews and other forms of madness that come to life here. My respect goes to you really. Thank you for supporting the madness! But now I’m afraid that even you being here can’t cheer me up; I need something more drastic.

I need some music that fit this dark cloud that fills up my head and throws it out before my eyes turn dark and my head explodes like a thunderstorm. I need Nihilistic Delusion’s “Succubus”! Why? I have no idea, but as this mental disease starts to infiltrate my mind I feel strongly attracted to something that is called ‘Succubus’.  And besides that it is described as depressive harsh noise, so what else is there not  to love?

And indeed listening to this track helps. It actually helps a lot. It needs to be heard on a relatively loud volume as for the time length that Succubus plays the depression and the depressive noise go simply hand in hand through a troubled land. Together they distance themselves from the rest of me as a human being, and slowly but surely I can feel Succubus taking the dark cloud out of my head and it doesn’t take long before I can see them in front of me forming some strange looking fog.

It’s colliding together, forming little miniature thunder shocks and riffles with lightening. It growls while it continues it’s noise while floating outside my skull. It is a relief to see and I must say thanks to Nihilistic Delusion for creating this wonder medicine. After 13 minutes I feel I can handle the things again, I feel more hardened, a bit more tougher than before. But what I mostly feel is much more lighter in my head, as if a big clearance sale had rattled through my mind and got rid off all the negative thoughts and released them out in the open for someone else to pick up.

I can only hope that the person who gets this recycled depression in its head knows about Succubus. But if it’s you than at least you know about this curing noise release. And unlike most anti depressants this one is completely free of charge and available right here:

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