Penny and Ashtray – Bonus Stage

Artist: Penny and Ashtray
Title: Bonus Stage
cat: DN.01
keywords: bleep, chipstyle, house,
label: Disconinjaz

I came across the music of Penny and Ashtray somewhere in the experimental lobit corners of the internet. My first impression was that it was some lightweight fun of a label owners imagination, but as Years had passed and my brain almost erased Penny and Ashtray to the funny farm; they suddenly popped up on my screen again! This time there was a note in the credits that interested me enough to see Penny and Ashtray in a new light.

‘Penny and Ashtray from Osaka’

Suddenly Penny and Ashtray was not a joke anymore; Penny and Ashtray are coming from Osaka, Japan! That explains almost immediately the misunderstanding.
To celebrate solving the puzzle I would like to invite you in to the crazy festive world of Penny and Ashtray and have a fun time dancing on their funky electric hip chip house music!

It’s the best possible thing to do now, really! Just move yourself to the link at the bottom of this post and find yourself an instant party mood. Put your lasso around the pixel python and start dancing on these classic blips and blops! Released in 2006 but still swinging and charming in the days of today!

And if you have enjoyed the ride of the snake and need more; then don’t hesitate to team up with the funky chipmunk to exchange your nuts for pixel balls and dance the time away on the electrifying groovy chip groove that will set the whole house dancing awkwardly!

Penny and Ashtray are not a fragment of the imagination, they are professional Nintendo bleep dance / good vibes providers! No need to enter a cartridge just start the happiness at the following free link:

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