Sean Connolly – Bass

Artist: Sean Connolly
title: Bass
keywords: Bass,alternative, jazz, background music, easy listening, improvised music, natural, folk, funk,

Hello, I am <KN> an unprofessional professional that wants to clear something up over here. It isn’t mind blowing or really important, but it just ‘pop’ came to me that it needs some justification..

I am a word criminal;
Guilty of grammar vandalism and backward sentences.
But I do not care as in real life I will not talk perfectly; I speak gibberish.

I know that I write ‘base’ when I mean ‘bass’, I am aware that a base isn’t the same as a bass.
I hope the fan base of YIKIS knows they aren’t used in some kind of duck step song to give it the extra punch and wobble it deserves.
Bass and base, kids. It isn’t the same!

But is it understandable? I mean a base of a bass or a base of bass in your face? Does it really, really matter? Yes, the grammar police is not happy, they cry with hot headed heads and steam out of their ears if they would overview this lonely conversation. But I seriously hope none of the grammar cops would stick around the premises of YIKIS, that would probably end up in their fatal death. It’s like bringing water to the sea; a seriously lost and hopeless cause to correct all the mistakes, the almost nonstop raping of words and sentences that we do over here.

I am guilty. English isn’t my first language; gibberish is. And why base and bass get mixed up in the process is just something that happens; this isn’t Yeah I Know It Ducks, this is Yeah I Know It Sucks.

But you know something has changed as I am writing this. I will from now on start to respect the bass by writing it as bass. Not because I don’t want to see the grammar police explode; but because of one specific album that I have been enjoying. It made me (unlike all the duck-step) respect the bass again..

See you can see the difference straight away. No need to bash my head in with a baseball-bat to convince me about using the correct word from now on; just wonderful pretty music has made almost the impossible possible!

What was this magic that converted this drastic change of words? It must have been some hardcore stuff, some loud bass player!
No, on the contrary.. It was a release called ‘Bass’ created by an artist named Sean Connolly. As I write this I have to apologize to this artist to have waited so long to write about his actual release instead of writing so selfishly about the whole ‘base’ and ‘bass’ mixup. But I hope it somehow makes up just knowing that this release by Sean Connolly actually has created a permanent change for all future ‘reviews’ and ‘gibberish’ adventures coming out of my fingertips.

Sean Connolly’s Bass has seriously changed me, which I hope is some kind of a good thing for all of us that take the time to read my nonsense.
But enough about me and let’s talk a bit more about this release of Sean Connolly shall we?

It is just lovely! I mean, there are no words really to describe how lovely it is, this release by Sean Connolly. It might change or at least touch you too because it has this wonderful flow and relaxed bass dedication over it that it just makes you want to setup a special altar for pure bass adoration.

Sean Connolly just knows how to play the bass and does this with such a realm of sophistication that it’s not just the bass but especially his bass that deserves a following. With four tracks he convinces me easily of the beauty of a real bass and how much coziness it can deliver when played with a human touch and respect for this specific instrument.

Hearing Sean Connolly’s bass is a real pleasure, something that makes everything nice and easy. Now let it be the right time to reflect your-self when Sean Connolly plays this beautiful stream of guitar music. Get your base for love and respect of a real bass over here;

P.s. Thank you Sean Connolly for the nice music, it really changed ‘things’..


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