Tapage – Emerge

Artist: Tapage
title: Emerge
keywords: electronic, ambient, IDM, experimental
label: Tapeface

Tapage’s Emerge is the first release that the Tapeface label had put out. And by hearing it, the choice to let this release be the first one to kick the label of is not a strange one. It’s just two tracks but they are so excellent! And you know what? It’s what some people categorize as IDM, a bit of a label surrounded by controversy as not every piece that end up as Intelligent Dance Music is intelligent. In fact music can’t think for themselves, and to have a floor full of students and professors examining dance music is also a bit of a bummer really. So, let’s call it hypnotastic electronic dance music!
The ones that feature frantic beats, acid like life forms, wobbles, unexpected strangeness, fun grooves, addictive coockooness and of course beautiful ambiences flying on top of it all to keep the danceable madness spaciously together.

Tapage is doing all these things and probably even more. Making us calm when flying on these beats that are hopelessly intergalacticly connected to the legendary name of Richard D. James. But Tapage takes this style as its own, making his own beauty’s that entertain, occupy our dreams while we dance on the finer lives of electronica. A better way to start a Tapeface label is unimaginable, so let’s celebrate with the emerging  link that directs us to pretty electronica:

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