funeralopolis – To: Bonnie

To: Bonnie

I came across a single dedicated to you. It was really nice. Not very usual; perhaps slightly unusual. It was a bit like you really, Bonnie. It made me think of our time together.
The fun we used to have when hanging out in that wine cellar of your dad. I never forget the look on his face when he found out that we replaced all the wine with urine!

Oh, Bonnie good times we had and we had bad times too. Remember Bonnie when you pushed me out of the window of that restaurant? It was fun if it wasn’t placed on the sixth floor of that building. I still have the scars from that nasty piece of glass that ended up right between my buttocks. Yes, Bonnie that was also you. Always unexpected, a great laugh but unpredictable when loaded on apple cider.

Oh Bonnie even though you have walked over my feelings, crushing it with your stiletto heels.. I still love you Bonnie. I love you and miss you like a baseball bat misses its ball.

Bonnie, my wildest and dearest,
I really wanted to share this track with you. It has also it’s cute moments, and it’s harsher ones. In fact it describes you better than any poem could do.

May you Rest in peace Bonnie.

My sincerest love,
St. Clair

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