Junk! – The Dead Format EP

Artist: Junk!
Title: The Dead Format EP
format: 3.5 Floppy Disk / digital
Keywords: pop, electro, electropoprock, rock

The dead Format EP by Junk! Is what you might call a bit of a hidden treasure, a little gem or trophy waiting to be discovered to shine in someone’s underground collection.
It consists of five tracks squeezed on a colorful floppy diskette packed in a handmade colored sleeve. Music wise it’s also in my good old opinion a very interesting release, something that could be played at any time without problem. It’s made by Junk! So you could expect it to be listenable for all kind of occasions.
Boiled up on meth, smoked up on green fluff, hyped up on love..

The first tune is one that has a name we see a lot of artists use. It’s called ‘Untitled’ but could in my opinion also be named as something like ‘yo, give me that funky shit!’ Why? Because that’s how it sounds, if you consider Junk! Grooving on the table, smacking his hands, rolling his ticking fingers, clicking with his mouth to create a serious moving rhythm that is super tight. Greatly captured in a pretty Lo-Fi state this Junk! simply makes every listener move while Junk! enjoys a serious rush of ultra-highness. This is pretty good stuff if you are into grooving in a junkie style!

The next tune is ‘Feedback destructor’ which believe it or not; sounds pretty phat considering it’s been captured in a pretty lofi sound. It comes across as lounge music with warm tones and a drumkit that gets a nice punchy sound towards the end. Perhaps not music for relaxation, but nobody came to Junk! To discover a new  kind of Enya.

Or perhaps it is relaxing? I mean music to groove on and chill out while tapping your toes to that funky stuff kind of relaxing? A track called ‘Dirtbeat’ does combine these things rather nicely.

Junk! Must have been very high when creating this record, but that is in this case not a bad thing at all. In a track called ‘What the…’ Junk! Meets green aliens who donate some robotic voices to an out of the blue electronic track. What the… Indeed!

The last track could also have been called ‘What the…’ Just because it is another surprise on this epic little floppy release. Here it feels as if Junk! Goes completely electronic and performs a very nice tune that has a jazzy vibe, nice electronic beat programming and a real lounge funky side! One more time does Junk! proof that music could be done for two different kind of listeners at the same time; the ones that want to chill out and relax and the ones that would like to groove out and dance. You can get one of these dead formats and turn them back to life at the following link:

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