Pu22L3 – Broken Synth Wave

Artist: Pu22L3
title: Broken Synth Wave
keywords:experimental, noise, downtempo, psychedelic

Broken Synth Wave is a bit like experiencing good luck while having an accident. I do not mean it literally, but more in the sense that even if the synth wave is broken, the sound that comes out is probably much more promising than that what comes out of one that works to normal standards.
It feels as if it is doing its semi controlled own thing and brings out interesting blips, spacious wops and screeching tiny noises. It is rhythmic without forming a beat or a contagious flow, which keeps my ears occupied and interested.

When listening to it on repeat (which for some odd reason I did) the whole thing turns more and more organic, as if it’s a fieldrecording of electric birds tjirping and whistling away to attract or impress each-other.

It might be that listening to this broken synth wave for a longer recommended period of time damages the brain by infiltrating it with high frequencies only a dog could hear. But if it’s brain damage or just an hallucinative by-effect of the music: it is pretty organic, really!
Experiment with it yourself over at the following link:

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