Holzkopf – Sharp like a broken bone

Artist: Holzkopf
Title: Sharp like a broken bone
Format: CDr /digital
Keywords: digital hardcore, break beats, rhythm & noise,noise, beats, electronic,
Label: Attenuation Circuit  http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/
Reviewer: Willem van O.

For anyone into the harder sides of dance music, that has a love for hyper speed breakbeats and a longing for the digital mad hardcore beats that where made legendary by Alec Empire; there is good news!
Holzkopf is here with a brand new bombastic piece of punk to dance your heads off! Bass & kicks, noise & wicked rhythms; they are all teamed up, delivering the perfect energy for if you are into the rawer side of digital beats!
It’s crunchy and nasty and will instantly dim the mind and turn your head in to a dark rave! This is no dance music for the hip kids, this is dance music for the punks!
You can get it from the label on a CDr packed in a plastic sleeve or inside a hand painted CD-bag!
Whatever your choice; be sure if you get this, to play it as loud as possible!

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