Consistency Nature & Graffiti Mechanism – Split

Artists: Consistency Nature & Graffiti Mechanism
Title: Split
Keywords: experimental, audio, ambient, electronic, weird, lobit, beautiful
Label: 4m@ records

Public’s favorite underground on-the-roll model ‘Consistency Nature’ is always good for a great audio surprise! Here he creates a wondrous Alice in sexy wonderland experience. Consistency Nature seems to use the body slap and clap technique to create a organic atmosphere and probably to make his meat sound more tender. When he slaps and hit its his body at all the right moments in time; the structure of meat, blood and bones suddenly softens up to become all bubbly and soapy. He sticks out his tongue and vibrates it between his tight lips providing a new sound to the mix; welcome sparkling bubbly persona!

In this new field of fresh sound a voice appears, it might be of Consistency Nature’s inner female as she expresses herself in tones of excessive joy. It is understandable that she is happy if you see the same picture of Consistency Nature all vaporized into bubbles, soap, foam and perhaps a little friendly spit! It’s fun to stand in the middle of this natural happening as it is a good fun alternative for a shower or bubble bath. Just enter this track in your birthday costume and enjoy consistency nature transforming into bubbles by happy slapping himself! It’s different and worth a try if you are in need for an alternative form of rinsing.

Of course we all need some time to wonder and view this beautiful sight of foam and sparkles, luckily Consistency Nature teamed up with Graffiti Mechanism to deliver more charm and friendly atmosphere to this alternative dream state. Graffiti Mechanism creates a realm of beauty by using simple ambient tones that Twinkie and dance heavenly around the ceiling. The large soap bubbles seem to fall down gently and pop around us leaving us a all clean, fresh and with a feeling of being beautiful.

You can go to all the beauty salons in the world, smear your face in with peanut butter or soak in a bath with added olive oil and smelling floating candles; but I’m sure nothing will be as good and effective as going for this little floppy sized split by these two characters. They will for sure make you feel fresh and beautiful and damn special!
Here it is, free and zipped for your comfort:

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