Contraktor – Turn Down For Merzbow

artist: Contraktor
title: Turn Down For Merzbow
keywords: remix, noise
reviewer: Willem Van O.

Another day, another review, another Merzbow remix.. Actually I think this might be the first ever Metzbow remix that we have a post about really. Unless something had skipped my memory (which isn’t a rare thing really) this must be completely new territory .

We are not completely unknown to Merzbow here at Yeah I Know It Sucks;
A underground hero with the name of ‘Forfy Acid’ had listened for a complete month to records by Merzbow and even reviewed them along the way (read this work of madness over here), and Johan Nederpel reviewed 2 Merzbow tapes but was disappointed of being turned down by not getting a hand written ‘thank you’ letter back from mister Merzbow himself.
Forfy Acid mind is strong as he survived it, but Johan Nederpel vowed never to review a Merzbow ever again and from now on only listens to polka and ‘Nederlandstalige pop muziek’.
It’s risky business this Merzbow business..

But yet here we are, skipping Merzbow personally by going directly to his (unofficial) remixer called ‘Contraktor’. Contraktor makes it clear in the information that he is a well spoken person with a clear sense of mind:

‘I don’t own the rights, fuck off.
I’m not in this for your money.’

Rightly said, Contraktor! Besides noise is noise and no matter if it’s released on a golden piece of vinyl, a  tape cassette with bondage posters, a cd with hand drawn bunnies packed in an envelope filled with saliva extracted from the artist mouth.. It is still noise! And isn’t noise something that belongs to all people? Should it not be available to everyone, no matter if they are rich or poor?

Anyway perhaps it’s better to talk a bit about this remix in itself because before you know it some bozo in a suit and tie orders to delete Contraktor’s bandcamp account through a process called ‘flagged’, ‘blocked’ and ‘banned’.
(They are unlike Contraktor, obviously in it for the money!)

I am not familiar with the original Merzbow track that has been used over here, but this remix sounds like listening to a ghost box session. You know these so called modern day paranormal ghost busters equipped with the state of the art boxes that somehow can receive voices of spirits. Don’t ask me if it’s real or fake or just some interference with the radio and someone’s imagination, but for some reason this remix remind me of such a box. The reception isn’t very clear though; as there is all this fluffy static noise hanging in front of these interesting sounding voices hidden in the deep background. You have to squeeze the eyelids a bit perhaps to focus but if it will really answer any answers isn’t quite clear.

The remix in my opinion was something expectable, it was a Merzbow remix that in length would be suitable for radio play, but still kept the Merzbow vibe of noise going. The artwork is nice and descent and considering that it was all done while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, it still has some chilled edginess to it.

Another pointless review, another collection of words, another writing that doesn’t want to sound negative, another end to a beginning and another link to this remix before it’s gone:

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