Lord Sonervol – OFGSGID

artist: Lord Sonervol
title: OFGSGID
cat: NWTWO0584
keywords: dark, ambient, noise
label: Nowaytwowayout

Lord Sonervol is here, dump the trumpets, close the curtains and hide under the blankets. Don’t act like it is your home, but act like you are not at home. When Lord Sonervol drives by and decides to visit your place, you better keep your face hidden and your ears open.
You did not here the rumors surrounding Lord Sonervol? He moves from place to place delivering a sad but harmonic dark ambience from door to door. You are free to listen and enjoy the calm state it produces when Lord Sonervol drops by but what’re you do.. Do not (I repeat) Do not ever look at Lord Sonervol. There have been multiple rumors and it isn’t clear if the gossip tellers are still alive; but it is said that Lord Sonervol can change into a bloodthirsty flying bat and munchies on anyone that dares to look at him. But do not worry, if you are just holding on to the etiquette of Lord Sonervol you will have no reason to be worried. Just invite Lord Sonervol and turn your face down and just listen to the music. A visit of Lord Sonervol doesn’t take longer than ten minutes, which is a short period perfect for a quick listen with your eyes closed.

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