Rebekka – Playing Bongos EP

Artist: Rebekka
Title: Playing Bongos EP
Cat: 29k04
Keywords: going bonkers over bongos
Label: 20kbps

In the year of 2004, the legendary 20kbps netlabel released a recording by ‘Rebekka’. It’s title was the ‘Playing Bongos EP’ and was described as a recording made with bongo’s.

One year later, in the year 2005, an obvious bongo lover had found it and expressed a certain disappointment by giving it a one star and a emotional written review/complaint. For the sake of infotainment I will copy and paste this old review by someone called Fritz1 over here::

Reviewer: Fritz1
Date: November 4, 2005
Subject: VERY poor recording

Listen carefully. I mean VERY carefully. That’s what it takes to hear the bongos. After that come some other noise I could not make out. I tried using software to remaster the sound, and I STILL could not make out what that noise is supposed to be. The best recorded sound is at the end, when the audience of 1 applauded a little. Whoever recorded this probably could not find a better place for the microphone. It would have been better if even a micro-cassette recorder is placed for better pick-up of the bongos (as well as those other sounds). If I were to make a recording that turned out this poor, I wouldn’t bother to upload it.

I do not know if this review was written as a joke or that Fritz1 was seriously not feeling very happy and fulfilled upon hearing this untypical bongo release? I wonder what Fritz1 expected and what he would wanted to use the bongo recording for? I mean just imagine Fritz1 running this tiny lobit recording through some software pumping it all up, going to great lengths to trace down the promised bongo’s!

I have to say that this release indeed might be a booby trap hunting for bongo lovers & bongo fetishists. I couldn’t find a bongo either but came to the conclusion that it never said that this recording was done on bongo’s but made with bongo’s. Which is the same as if I would inform you that these words are written with a typewriter. I mean I’m writing this on a dodgy computer connecter to the crappy internet, but there might be a typewriter dusting away next to me..

I think it’s the same as this bongo booby trap were someone called Rebekka not nescesarry plays with bongo’s but more likely plays with the international bongo community that roam the internet in search for bongos to still their never ending hunger for the bongo.

Perhaps Rebekka did record this soft noise session by using bongo’s, perhaps attempting to play them after snorting a lethal doses of horse tranquilizer, which by all standards is than again a pretty accomplishment to say the least to even hit the record button. But it might just be that Rebekka records herself sitting on top of a bongo in a room full of untouched bongos and playing neither one of them. Just recording the silence while Rebekka’s ass moves a bit on the bongo skin (but this can’t be said in total certainty).

In either way, I am sure the label and artist probably agree that this release deserves a honorable stay here at Yeah I Know It Sucks. All bongo lovers redirect yourself to the following link and hear Rebekka live in her chamber playing with your bongo heads:

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