Subway – Subway

artist: Subway
title: Subway
title: 80s, electronic, ambient, electronic, film music, synthwave, tropical

Let’s head over to subway! No, not that expensive bullshit bread place, but the real Subway!
Subway caters friendly 80s sounding electronic brainwaves for third eye receivers and other traveling humanoids in search for something that is pretty smooth and relaxing.
Subway does this with melody, and soft electronic rhythm that will fit for a afternoon nap as well as a spaced out modern dance. The third track ‘One Life’ is especially nice, which mixes an atmosphere that hangs between spiritual music and spicy soft porn on LSD.
Whatever your activities are when listening to Subway’s Subway; we all come together as one whiten the final realm of the ambient new age epic center of melted brains in the last track called ‘Outro’.

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