The Weather Channel – Sunset

artist: The Weather Channel
title: Sunset
keywords: techno, electronic, ambient
label: Type 9 Records
reviewer:Biet Penisma

Today it’s going to be a nice day. In the morning big change of a relaxed southern wind mixed with the regular thin pairs of clouds that play a game of hide and seek with the sun and it’s little friendly red glow.  In the afternoon this weather format will continue with perhaps some temperature drops hidden in a synthetic short burst of a calm bass-line, gradually making place for mid summer temperatures with perhaps a slight change of slow progression in color.
In the evening the sky will be more darker than in the day time, and temperature might go down to spend the night chilling out and doing nothing. If you live in a rural area it is advices to bring night creme and a flashlight with you at all costs. You can still keep the shovel in the shed as it won’t be snowing, but that may occur depending on we’re in the world you live and the climate that you read this weather report from. The cat meows so we might be in for a fantastic summer with indeed a sunset to lick your mustache for.
This was a message by my version of the weather channel, you are now invited to hear the rerun in a more simplified techno/electro/ambient language:

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