Dani House – Alien Kidd / When I was 19 / Forgive /I want to be a cyclops

Artist: Dani House
Title: Alien Kidd/ When I was 19/Forgive/I want to be a cyclops
keywords alternative, anti-folk, ghost-fi, goblinpunk, post-swampcore, pseudohobo, videos

Are you ready to meet a nice creative person called Dani House? If not, that would be a real shame, but if so; then it’s your lucky day! Very recently Dani House popped up in the mailbox and supplied friendly words with links to the places online that his creativity has been occupying. Upon heading to his main Bandcamp account I was simply overwhelmed by seeing so much albums, so many songs and fun looking artwork and conceptual titles that I had to sit down to slowly progress what Dani House is doing over here. Dani was searching for these rare things called ‘a listener’ or “listeners’, and I guess that Dani House was contacting the right place to hopefully find the thing that Dani House was aiming for.

Upon listening to a couple of tracks coming from his massive ‘love songs from outer space‘ album, which basically is a huge sampler consisting of tunes taken from various releases created by this Dani; it really gathered my interest. But as my time is a bit limited at the moment and talking through 31 tracks is perhaps a little much for an introduction, I moved away to his YouTube channel.
It was one discovery after another, as if I was a pirate stumbling on crates of gold on every link with a connection to Dani House.

The first thing that became clear is that there is a reason for Dani House being so overwhelmingly productive. First of all he started to create these songs since the year of 2007, releasing around 50 albums or so along the way. That is for the average musician quite a lot of output, even in a time scale of seven years; but when you listen and get to know this Dani House a bit more it becomes apparent that his songs are like entries from a diary; a personal journey that you either can relate too or perhaps just enjoy for their story telling entertainment value.

But by acknowledging that Dani House makes his music from his inner core, expressing himself in his own free spirited way without the pressure of what the outside world wants or thinks about it; he keeps things pure and true to himself. His songs come across to me as directly coming out of his life, transformed in creativity made with basic things that keeps his output innovative and human.

Just take a look at his music video’s. The first one that appealed to me was this one for a track that every real outsider kid with a tentacle head could relate too called ‘Alien Kid’. Dani House has filmed a real U.F.O. In his cramped bedroom and also himself who obviously got beamed down by the flying saucer. The song tells probably about how Dani House feels at a certain time, a bit like a new born freshly landed alien discovering the small place on this idiotic planet called earth. The music is sounding jolly, and the voice of Dani House sounds surprisingly grown up and saucy. I do not like to drop names but Dani House his voice and singing style wouldn’t be swept under the carpet by people like Adam Green or Beck. In fact I would like to say that Dani House his voice stands like a house, perhaps one made of rubber, a bit flexible, friendly and bendy but in a nice way. Anyway enough chit chat here is the visual and audio representation of ‘Alien Kidd’ by Dani House:

If you are in need for some fresh air and are curious in how an unplugged   Dani House manifests itself outside the comfort of a home, you might want to peek at the video for a song called ‘When I Was 19’. Here he takes us out for a little walk being inventive by using his steady pace as a rhythm as he strums and sings while strolling down his memory lane. Take a look and a listen:

Pretty nice, eh? But let’s get back inside and enjoy some more DIY home video entertainment in combination of a well honest piece of sing and songwriting. The song ‘forgive’ is probably about a lightweight heartbreak and Dani House tells it like it is but as nice as he is; at the same time apologizes for being blunt. As long as Dani House is Dani House and not secretly James ‘Blunt’ I am actually quite alright with it. It’s strange but by hearing this song I can’t imagine anyone lucky enough to receive the love of Dani House would break his heart or want to move on. Just listen to his voice, his charming slightly sarcastic but childlike flair, his creativity that can make something out of nothing. It seems to me that Dani House wears his heart on his sleeve, a romanticism with humor and ideas that would certainly make a good trustworthy fun friend (if compatible) for good times! For the video he has been extra nice to also make it entertaining for in case you aren’t able to hear the music; he writes all the lyrics down on a piece of paper, cut & paste and also takes the time to drink some quick coffee.
Check it out over here:

I think we all know now that Dani House has got that sparkle, that twinkle of talent and honesty. But as with every alien our newly made friend also appears to be nicely bonkers. It is a natural thing really as all creativity comes with a price. And there is nothing wrong with a bit of madness as it is rather good fun and keeps love relationships spicy! So brace yourself and hear & view Dani House’s expressing his hit single “I Want To Be A Cyclops’ over here: (you going to love it, I promise!)

For more music and creative creations by Dani House please be free to check out his bandcamp at the following link and enjoy!

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