bjerga iversen – The Cholesky Decomposition Method

Artist: bjerga iversen
Title: The Cholesky Decomposition Method
Cat: DEN16
Keywords: lobit, Lo-fi, drone
Label: Diskette Etikette Rekords

The UK based floppy diskette label with the glorious name of Diskette Etikette Rekords has a very nice discography full of interesting releases. The label has been a bit silent at the moment but that doesn’t mean that their music output have stopped from playing. A lot of their releases have found nice homes and owners, but there still might be a chance to get some of these sweet puppy eyed adorable floppy diskettes in your tremendous music collection.. Just try your best to hook up with label owner Neil by perhaps finding a contact address on the official Diskette etikette Rekords website. But like all successful labels that release physical releases; they sell out! Luckily this label re-released some of it’s sold out floppy releases for free download. This is also the case for this ‘single’ by Norwegian duo ‘bjerga iversen’ who had been released in a run of 35 diskettes which all found their way into happy floppy drives!

The music is called ‘The Cholesky Decomposition Method’ which as a title suggest a special way of composing music or anti music. ┬áBut when my ears fall in to this world I slowly suggest to forget about concepts and technical arty farty details how this is created and just focus on how it feels and come across to fresh listening ears.
Think about an under the radar glow of a unexplored unexploited location that has a warm climate and water supplies. I feel as if it’s a timeless time recording of the right moment of the sun coming up but without it actually happening. I can hear some early awoken elephants chanting in the deep background while water flows more upfront. But it is mostly warm depth in mood and tone that prevails this morning sound. It’s a perfect process to listen too in the early morning for people that do not really want to wake up and need something to listen under the blankets. It is 19 minutes long which is like a lengthy ‘snooze’ option that is slowly moving in lovely warmth like a fragment of a dream to cuddle up too.

If this is something of your interest, something to listen and switch off too? Than you might want to head over to the link at the bottom of these lengthy sentences. As there you will find the salvation of pretty morning sound that doesn’t want to disturb you and perhaps can serve as a lovely soundtrack for continuous dreaming. Good night, morning and dozing in the afternoon!

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