Rmine – Panopticon

artist: Rmine
title: Panopticon
keywords: chillout, electronic, downtempo, experimental, deep techno
label: Picpack http://picpack.org.ua

John The Revelato (Son House chillout remix) starts with an old geezer (probably john doing some revelations) and vinyl crackles. When he takes a tiny break, a relatively chilled out beat hops in and forms a nice smooth sound cloud in which John appears again for total completion.

The main track ‘Panopticon’ gives the lush drums some space as it goes hand in hand with other light weight music things. It’s music of a kind that is non-disturbing which makes it perfect for sitting outside a bar with a drink, and perhaps watch your friend dance while avoiding the chairs and tables. It has a summer vibe, I guess.

But like some summer days; a bit of a mid summer rain will come like a refreshing beverage. This one is captured here in a track called ‘Crimea River’.. You don’t need to leave the terrace or your drink as the artist makes sure it isn’t going to be a a heavy rainfall to disturb the lovely time that you are spending with this chill out music; instead a friendly guitar gets pulled out and functions as a nice umbrella to cover on. Romantic, elegant and so polite how the guitar sound and the little raindrops fall.

Than a surprise happens. Someone has a radio and receives some kind of alien folklore that gives a delightful WTF moment. This was just the intro for a nice slow track with a very deep woowoo bass and a more experimental dubstep-ish swing. A spacious piano and electronic effects make this track like chilling in a more futuristic sounding way.

The last track (Danish Wharf, Deep techno mix) brightens me up with crystal clear sweet synthesizer prettiness that as by magic fell in a contagious dance groove. It is probably the most sweetest and personally my favorite track on this release, just because it makes me smile. It is like someone nice is tickling with a feather and when the piano start to come in; I just imagine it being suspended on big colorful balloons all floating in a blue sunny sky. Love is in the air and as skeptical as I was going for this collection of tracks; I feel very great to have given it a try. Now why don’t you come over? Grab a balloon and dance on the sweet clouds if you aren’t afraid of heights.

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