jaewon jawan – saturday night palsy

Artist: jaewon jawan
title: Saturday night palsy
cat: [unfound80]
keywords: techno, tech house, minimal, nu disco
label: unfound sound

A sucker for front covers always bites into the bait when seeing one delicious like the one here for a release by ‘jaewon jawan’.
Yeah I know I’m one of those suckers and it was just a matter of seconds to get the hook stuck in my upper lip. I hope it is worth the bleeding, as a festive cover like this with some kind of photo-op family having a party is difficult to achieve sound wise! It is called ‘Saturday Night Palsy’ and contains two tracks, so probably just long enough to dance and pull faces before heading off to the emergency department at the local hospital. (I can’t remove the hook from my lip, because I have no arms and type this with my tale. )Yes, that’s right; I am a fish. You have a problem with that?

But being a fish doesn’t mean I can’t dance! Just look at me swing my shiny scrubby skin swinging around while the black diamond dub version of Saturday night palsy plays. It might not include the kid on the cover playing guitar but the high edge electronic freakiness does set the characters on the front-cover moving. Not as good as a fish and the dropping the pants dance of the daddy might be a too much, but this track is infected with filters that bubble like sparkles that everyone can play to mandate an absurd position. Like as if someone did an act of stupidity (I’m a master at these!) that you just play this track and then wiggle around as if it was all part if the plan. So the embarrassing moments of ‘oh I just burn the turkey’ or ‘oh My pants just dropped in public and I’m not wearing any underwear’ (it happened!) have found a theme track now that makes it all les shameful. I bit like the whole ‘Harlem Shake’ stuff, but then of course completely different; a new thing!

The remix by Someone else is more straight edge, a bit cooler and less filtered effects so it could be played in a bigger venue with a more serious attitude. It still has this piss taking fun sound in there that for some reason I would love to see serious people dance on. A large group of fellow dancing fishes would also be a great view, although this remix sounds less wet; more for two legged animals that are into house formats. Anyway either if you need a track to compliment stupidity with a dance ( either fish or human) or need something for in a club; this Saturday palsy might be in both cases something to check out on:
<KN the fish>

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