Mind Teardown – Flashbacks

artist: Mind Teardown
title: Flashbacks
format: Cassette / digital
keywords: coldwave, cyberpunk, ebm, electro, electronic, funky, alternative, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk
label: X.O.S. Musick http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com

Mind Teardown’s mind is perhaps cruel but as the artist takes us all down (while being sick of us all) it’s done with something we all could enjoy really. Anger exchanged for energetic punk electro that goes for the effective simple approach of using an in your face bass and an continuous uptight electro beat to reduce all it’s enemies into incapable dancing maniacs. Mind Teardown sounds like an groovy but pissed off transformer as he spices the tunes up with his vocals, samples and retro keyboard scratches!

The effective baselines and perfectly based rhythms are made for the dance floor or for electro lovers that just can’t and won’t stop dancing. Mind Teardown just provides these kind of grooves that even the biggest metal freak would feel in their wobbling toes.

It gave me a flashback of hearing a release by someone called Kompressor. It was one of the first netreleases that I had downloaded that was not just instrumental but had contagious vocals that went for a similar approach as Mind Meltdown. I try to trace the artist of this flashback down but don’t know in which corner to look for it. It’s name was/is probably Kompressor. It got stuck with me as it was one of my first downloads of electronic music with vocals of this kind. ‘Kompressor does not dance’ was one of the catchy hits, so if you know about it please get in touch..

… Sorry about that! I mean the little hijacking of the review by talking about some other act. But as the album by Mind Teardown is called ‘flashbacks’ I thought it wasn’t inappropriate. 🙂

But now before losing the focus completely; please do consider to check out this excellent electro album by Mind Teardown ! It will get your screws oiled up and dancing on these contagious robotic grooves for as long as the tape plays!

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