Moshka – Psychic

Artist: Moshka
title: Psychic
keywords: experimental, psychedelic, Canada

Here is upon request a walkthrough of an album by Moshka, called ‘Psycic’.
Grab some tea and cookies and read along, if you want..

‘Sun king’ is the first track on this release by ‘Moshka’. It has this jolly vibe of a smoked up psychedelic cowboy jamming on his guitar to praise the prairie. I was hanging up wet clothes on a clothing line in the sun while this track was playing and for a mindless moment or so I felt like the sun king was watching this human activity from above.

‘Feeling low when you are so feeling high’ makes me think of someone who plays some pop track over and over again while high on sugar and then sounds a bit like a broken record before collapsing. It is another improvisational piece (I guess) made with a drained sounding guitar and a sad string. A ballad for a broken bird?

‘Dreaming on haight’ makes me think of lucky Luke after he brought in the Dalton’s and he is all out of other law fleeing criminals. He is just relaxing while munching on a can of beans (or something of his likening) while this music massages the man who shoots quicker than his own shadows neck and brain.

‘ocean geometry’ is another guitar work, a bit more spaced out as the ones before. Perhaps the artist finally has reached the right heights to get that psychic vibe we all wanted to hear so much. There is also mystic singing in the background by perhaps a commune of wasted heroin users. They might actually not be there and this is all like a surreal appearance and we are all just flowers in a field.

‘Tantra’ is the final piece on this release and feels as if we have now entered the guru business. It has this spiritual vibe that you know from documentaries about Fakirs walking through fire, on top of glass and dancing with a wild snake; all in the name of spirituality though! As a listener it comes to my mind that we have accomplished something. Perhaps a better understanding of the mind, or maybe we made it through another review.

If this sounds up your alley, or your part of the Wild West; than you might want to check out this link:

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