⁅sヨ – Noise es Amor

artist: ⁅sヨ
title: Noise es Amor
keywords: experimental, noise,

Listening to a person carrying a gigantic birdcage on his back is a bit like how this record sounds like in the beginning. Expect some nice ‘cling’ ‘clong’ sound (not to be mistaken for KingKong sounds) in a unknown location. A nasty feedback beep makes me want to put my fingers in the ears, but as I’m wearing headphones; it has no use!
After a short while the high beeps seemed to be approved by these formally complaining ears. They are not sounding aggressive, just a bit high in frequency. They twiddle a bit like a lonely tweet on twitter without followers. Like a weird bird that misses his cage because someone previously had taken it away..

But here the birdcage is and bang boom the bird lost some of its feathers! The birdcage came in loud and quick but seemed to have disappeared in the same speed too. The poor tweety, keeps on twiddling it’s lonely conversation that nobody seems to answer. What a poor little thing, singing its best high frequencies in various friendly ways as the creature calms down. Who wants to go down and be this birdie’s friend?

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