Mas&Delayer – Urban Dub

Artist: Mas&Delayer
title: Urban Dub
cat: EPH080
keywords: triphop, dub, urban, rabba, dubby, slow, electronic,
label: Ephedrina
Reviewer: Willem van Billem

Mas&Delayer requested a long, long time ago to hear and write something about its ‘Urban Dub’ release. Why did it took so long for it to climb upon the examination table?
Was the table to high? Did we have a shortage of reviewers? Did the request get lost among our hallways?

To be honest I guess it just didn’t suck enough to be enthusiastically received on the wall of fame of sucky releases. This is probably in most cases a good thing, I mean; this might actually mean that the music doesn’t suck, or at least not suck so very much. It just depends of course on your own interpretation of ‘what sucks’ and what not. I guess requesting a review on this blog but waiting for so many years sucks too, so uh that’s why today this three track release will finally be seen by the readers of Yeah I a Know It Sucks. Isn’t life great? Isn’t life fantastic?

It certainly is, but that has not a lot to do with this release or this unprofessional gibberish nonsensical semi ‘review’. The world and the life would probably go on without it..
Anyway, I guess it’s time to say something about the music other than ‘it doesn’t suck’. Well uh Ahum (sorry there is a hair stuck in one of my throats) .. (Cough) (cough)

Okay, yes! Here we go! Mas&Delayer’s Urban Dub is like a nice dub chill out release that doesn’t want to disturb you with heaviness, strange sounds or in your face rattle beats..
It goes for the opposite way and with that in mind I feel that this is the music that a responsible coffee-shop owner in Amsterdam would play for its smoking customers. It has this safe dub vibe that makes conversations possible among the smokers who hang out in higher atmospheres. It would certainly contain the mood of a friendly and calm atmosphere and there would be no panic attacks or tourists jumping out of the windows. Yes, you are reading it right ‘music to roll me up too’.

Track one (Rabba) has a nice horn in the smoky spotlight and has a nice flow of more authentic chill dub, while the second track (Instandub) sounds more modern and electric. The sounds are very nice and warm and it makes me think of robots that got rewired into lovable Rastafarians providing mechanic electro chill dub.
The last one combines both styles and brings an eclectic dub with sweet wubs that you can feel tickling in your stomach if you turn up the bass a bit up.. Very nice combination of electronic and percussion. I think this deserves another review written by a stoner from another planet; but for now this was my version: the sober way.

So yes, Mas&Delayer not suck, but it might be that the listeners want to suck on a spliff and inhale the fumes of green nature! You are free to move to the link and get these tracks for free (so you can save a dime to spend on the herb?)

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