TIFWhitney – Navi Tree EP

artist: TIFWhitney
title: Navi Tree EP
keywords: electronic, house, dance, dub step, electro, swedish house

What happens when I first encountered the first tones of this Navi’s Tree EP?
To be honest, I felt like being Zelda in person, wandering in a pixel forrest on a legendary quest.
But this is not about Zelda, but about a little character called Navi.
Here is a little write up that comes with this release:

Whenever little Navi felt sad, mad, stressed or scared, she would visit her friend the tree. The tree had lived for hundreds of years and would tell her many stories.
Some were about Wolves.
Some, about Dragons.
Some about other Planets, far far away from here, in other galaxies.
Navi loved spending time with her tree.

This might sound as a strange description for a electronic house tagged release,
but upon hearing it makes sense. It really feels as being a character wondering around in some pixy land
while heavy synthesizer and electronic piano are providing the theme song.
It has some commercial appeal but if you see and hear through that,
it would be not a bad thing to take it with you on a journey to explore the outskirts while inhaling some fresh air and enjoying a natural view.

the second track ‘Forgathering of Fenrir’ is also a theme song that is strong, it has a touch of trance but at the same time it still feels as if it is made to fulfill gamers who need an uplifting track to be able to do other things besides gaming, but still want to feel as if they are playing games. Are you getting me?

‘Dragons’ is probably sounding the most as something you could hear on the radio,
with exception of the sample that says ‘Dragons’ a couple of times. It could be something for teenagers dancing in Ibiza enjoying their first steps away from parents advice and care!

The last track is more expressive piano/trance with a pounding beat and some arabic hints.
It’s real club music that supports an bombastic four by four beat so even if you are really, really drunk;
it will still be alright to find some rhythm in your dancing moves.

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