Dino Felipe – Friends (official video)

artist: Dino Felipe
title: Friends (official video)
keywords: experimental, electronic, alternative, video with friends

There are many people out in the world of Dino Felipe considered as friends,
but not a lot of people are coming real close to Dino Felipe to be considered his real best friends.
But now, just like the old MTV cribs, he opens up the door and gives us a real close look of what friendship is all about by showing his trustworthy friends that he is living with.
They are of all kinds of shapes, forms and colors.
Some of them are hairy, some have natural looks, some are useful, some might even kill you.
That’s what good friends are for!
Friendly as Dino Felipe is, he has created an complete album in honor of these friendly friends and also for friends.. and for you, who perhaps want to befriend him too!
You can find this friendly album by clicking on the word ‘friend’ or read all about it in this YIKIS review..
but for now, let’s be a peeking tom and see and hear Dino Felipe revealing his best friends: (because that is also what friends are for..)


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