Diskrepant – Vibratoratus

Artist: Diskrepant
title: Vibratoratus
keywords: innovative vibrations, experimental, drone, ambient,
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

Once upon a time on a date that humans tend to write down as 16.09.11 was a happening, happening. The location was the Ballonfabrik, Augsburg (Germany) and the event was nothing less than the ‘attenuation circuit festival’.
In case you had missed it, the label that has a very similar name as this specific festival had released a live recording of one of the performing arts. It was an act that was legendary and controversial and it’s a shame that we cannot find a video of this ultimate performance that was an artistic sexual liberation of the use of a vibrator.

Yes you are reading it right! The performer of the night responsible was ‘Diskrepant’ and is probably one of the first artists that gave this toy (normally used in private parts to bring stimulating vibrations) a completely new purpose. Diskrepant used the vibrator as a ‘music’ instrument and manages to create a buzz while buzzing around in experimental expertise of never before heard drone-ish death ambient. Yes, the idea is indeed ‘groundbreaking’ but the audio output is less shaky or loud.

It struck me as a listener how relaxing it is to hear a vibrator being used as a sound device instead of its more traditional usage. I was not one of these lucky people in the audience that day; but I have a feeling that even though the visual performance might have been arousing, the atmosphere must have been very laid back and easy going; almost as if it is a common thing to see and hear someone using a vibrator as an instrument.
Hear the recording with your own ears over here:


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1 Response to Diskrepant – Vibratoratus

  1. Linda says:

    In dear need of some musical distractions I listened to the music before reading the review and thought it was a recording of a land mower. Would not have been a very groundbreaking ‘though grass shaping performance 😉

    In the end it could be anything :-/ like a chain saw fulfilling my revengeful fantasies on people obstructing my way with a chopper in the air filming the blood splattering…

    Ah no, I’m all relaxed now. Works even better than the shit ritual orgasming.

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