Gamble, Gamble, Die – Badman EP

artist: Gamble, Gamble, Die
title: Badman EP
keywords: folk, indie, post-punk, rock

Rotin: Badman?
Badman: yes Rotin?
Rotin: Are you still up for that little game of Russian Roulette?
Badman: yeah, why not?
Rotin: Okay, I’ll load em up..
Badman: yes give it a good spin..
Rotin: (spinning)
Badman: Can I go first?
Rotin: you are the boss Badman. Sure you can..
Badman: pass me the shooter
Rotin: here ya go..
Badman: wish me luck.
Rotin: good luck..
Badman: wait…
Rotin: whats wrong, Badman?
Badman: I suddenly feel ‘Chicken’
Rotin: Chicken?
Badman: Yeah
Rotin: Chicken as in chicken out?
Badman: yeah, I have a bad feeling about this turn.
Rotin: of course you have a bad feeling; you are Badman!
Badman: yeah sure.
Rotin: come on Badman you wanted to do this game..
Badman: yeah
Rotin: You know I am against gambling.. But you keep on and on about it..
Rotin: and now I am okay with it and now you are chickening out on gambling?
Badman: yes you are right.
Rotin: Don’t be pussy
Badman: okay, here I go..
Rotin: good luck
Badman: thank you Rotin.


Badman: ….
Rotin: Badman?
Badman: ….
Rotin: oh.. holy I guess I won!

Rotin: wow..
Rotin: can hardly believe it!
Rotin: I have won!!
Rotin: Great!!!
Rotin: this opens up different perspectives..
Rotin: No more bossing around, no more masquerade!
Rotin: Okay, Badman it was nice.. off to go ‘Down at the Dumps’ my pall.
Rotin: damn, you are filthy and heavy.
Rotin: I will have to take a bath after this.


Rotin: So, that’s that my friend. Hope you like garbage.
Rotin: great though.. I mean.. now I can do whatever I want..
Rotin: poor as much coffee on my clothing without Badman nagging
Rotin: He has wasted On My Time long enough..
Rotin: Told him not to gamble so many times..
Rotin: oh well.. I’m off to sell the Badmobile for a good price I guess..
Rotin: oh and before I go away..
Rotin: here is a link that leads to my alibi:

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