Tooth_Eye / Hlo – Cross-bred Tengu Radio Riot

Artist: Tooth_Eye / Hlo
title: Cross-bred Tengu Radio Riot
keywords: experimental, breakcore, sound collage, noise, plunderphonics, circuit bent, glitch

Talking about sizzling matches and buzzing music combinations; Breakcore legend Tooth_Eye and the untouchable glitch artist with a love for pigeon poop ‘HLO’ had made a record together. It was originally released on NoSkinnyJeans Records but Tooth_Eye made it available through his personal online camping site.

How does it sound like? It sounds like a match made in weirdo heaven! Everything is electrified, unidentified & brainwaves are getting fried in the search to fully comprehend what the hell is going on! It’s piece by piece a ride of destructive audio arts, very active in producing something that is fun to listen too, but yet so difficult to grasp!

In fact I think the combination of these talented artists is the answer of the prayers of the people that can’t stand music, but are also not into the hip movement of solid noise. Music or noise is not the only thing out there, is what this record is saying to me; HLO & Tooth_eye are bringing another choice to the table so to speak.

Oh yes, it’s noisy, oh yes it’s glitchy, oh yes it has music but oh yes; Oh Yes! This is a never boring ride that only these two people could produce and if the salvo of sounds isn’t enough to satisfy your search for alternatives, than reading the edgy titles might please your entertainment centers of the brain. Just visualize things like ‘constipated in a foreign restroom’ or   ‘Anal tape worm rave’ while hearing the tracks and you are guaranteed in for a blast!
Click on the link below for a cross-bred tengu radio riot:

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