Good Romans – Open This Door, Never Look Back

artist: Good Romans
title: Open This Door, Never Look Back
keywords: ambient, video clip
reviewer: Willem van O.

Even though we had a heavy weekend of haikus,
we still have a lot of golden oldies waiting in the waiting list.
This one by ‘Good Romans’ for example, had been reading all the gossip magazines more than a dozen times… Finally the requested item could go in and see some of the clandestine reviewers at an undisclosed location. But what was this? Had the music gone missing?
The request came walking in as a videoclip. It was one for a track called ‘Open This Door, Never Look Back’ , but as it had been sitting in the waiting room for so long, we seriously lost all other information. Information such as ‘who are these Good Romans’? Where can we find more music of these ‘Good Romans’? But anyway, it is too late for playing the web detective and as the title said ‘Open This Door, Never Look Back’ I suggest that we follow that advice also for this semi review.
So yes, a video. High quality, spectacular images that move, clouds! sky! Amazing!
Underneath is music. It works quite well with the video content. It’s a bit like staring at a wall while comforting ambient plays in the background and you start to dream away by seeing images appear in the wall and suddenly you are a butterfly.. Or something like that.
Anyway can’t say it’s great, but it isn’t bad either & besides: the video is much better than looking at a wall or just a still picture.. So perhaps take a look and a listen and see and hear if it is something you dig or not.. (yeah i know..)

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