Shit – Possessed By The HNW

artist: Shit
title: Possessed By The HNW
keywords: HNW
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Hello dear YIKIS readers, welcome at another trusted review written by me, Willem van O. (a Dutch royalty that likes to be anonymous). Here I am reporting from my hobby room to tell you know about this release created by a certain ‘Shit’. Shit has created a nice long term harsh noise wall and gave it a well fitting title that goes like this ‘Possessed By The HNW’. I’m observing this warm flow of crackling noise closely in a reasonable volume level and have to say that this procession of ‘shit’ is fascinating. Shit’s noise slowly grows on me as it takes over the system quite effectively. Don’t expect it to be done in a violent way, but just relax and sit back and enjoy the distorted crackles crackling. I don’t know if this is ‘shit’ celebrating the existence or the stimulating powers of this harsh noise wall genre but it for sure rattles along nicely as if respecting this sound form like something precious.
Hear the rumbles, the slow moving movements, warm tones in the heavy noise and enjoy the show created by Shit:

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