Cyborgs On Crack – Tapeworm

artist: Cyborgs On Crack
title: Tapeworm
cat: SSR-RR-0049
keywords: electronic, electronica, experimental, industrial, synthpop
label: Splitting Sounds Records
reviewer: a human on crack

”The next words and sentences are influenced by the visuals and music of ‘tapeworm’ by Cyborgs On Crack, a situation somewhere in Asia & significant amounts of crack.”

Resistance is futile’ as the Cyborgs on crack have arrived! Do not worry, public life will return back to ‘normal’ after all your leaders and political figures are replaced by dancing crackheads. In fact normal life will be even better with the new Cyborgs on Crack befriending us by providing the music accompanied with mind stimulating moving images that leads us happily to the visual party world of these cyborgs on crack. Our first encounter is with a track called ‘Deus ex subterranean’ which keeps us all at ease, happy smiling and dancing while they hunt down our troubled leaders, strong outspoken individuals and freedom fighters. We and the rest of humanity can watch it from the comfort of our homes while dancing excitingly on a 90th vibe!

When ‘high frequency bowel movement’ arrives and blast through the streets and social media;we can see our fugitive ex leaders being chased and fried by these wild cyborgs! The music is getting speed up, more aggressive in sound and the cyborgs on crack are determined to take control and turn the place in a totalitarian state of crack run mechanics. Cyborgs on crack deliver door to door the stimulating crack that we can smoke and energetically dance too.

All smoked up we can enjoy the imperial leaders being brought in to the slaughter house. We are all smoked up and out of our minds and the whole part of humanity that wasn’t involved in politics is getting up to date through visions provided by these cyborgs on crack’s crack. Just relax and dance around and smoke that puff as we celebrate the new take over by these nice and kind alien smoked up Cyborgs on crack. You better cheer for them or do as they are told as there is no way unpopular anti crack opinions will be tolerated by the cyborgs on crack. You will smoke, dance or face the consequences!

By the time the world leaders have successfully been manufactured and recycled as smokable crack ,  the head of the cyborgs on crack start to announce ‘Sesquipedalophobia’ across loudspeakers and make it clear that the earth have been taken over and we all should await our turn to work in cyborg controlled crack houses or face to be the main ingredient in the cyborg crack. At this point everyone who receives the message is happy and extremely high; this news doesn’t come across as something not to look forward too. In fact many of the pro cyborgs on crack turned crackheads run while dancing wildly in the metallic arms of the occupying cyborgs on crack. Who doesn’t want to work for these nice cyborg crackheads? Who doesn’t want to be rolled up and smoked and give these cyborgs some entertaining time off from their hard work of conquering the planet while on crack? Who can resist the energetic propaganda music pushed out through every speaker the human ear could hear?

Of course not all agree with the new dictating order of total control by the cyborgs on crack and small groups of non smokers go out on the streets to try acts of resistance and return the power back to the corrupt human leaders. They want freedom of choice, they want to chose their own leaders and restore the choice to smoke other things beside crack. The imprinted curfews would sort the good followers with the bad crops and by surveilling the new crackhead Territories at night and day, the cyborgs on crack eliminate all forms of resistance. Heads of non crack inhalers would be assumed to comply and turn themselves in or face up to a punishment of being exposed to inhaling secondary smoke up to two years.

Some academics who publish underground papers while living in exile on far fledged dust  parcels launched words of wisdom to all resistance: comply, listen to the cyborgs on crack music, dance and shake your butt-crack, await your turn to be made into a smokeable source of cyborg crack and -most importantly- get smoked by these cyborgs on crack. They might go crazy, they might lose their metallic teeth, their engineered eyes might pop, their cyborg brains might get so high on your thoughts for freedom that the human made crack might turn out to be fatal to them! There might be no one left at the end, but at least dancing wildly on the robotic dance music by these cyborgs on crack is for sure a good way to end this story!

If (for whatever reason) you still have troubles giving in to these solid tunes by cyborgs on crack,than you might need to install their special made cyborg on crack software. You get it for free when you download the cyborgs on crack engineered Tapeworm. It will explain all your questions, will lift your natural resistance against smoking crack and cyborgs & will stimulate your visual parts; you will be happy inside a crack pipe, smoked by a cyborg in no time!

Get high and dance!

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2 Responses to Cyborgs On Crack – Tapeworm

  1. Linda says:

    “after all your leaders and political figures are replaced by dancing crackheads” lol… replace x by x…

    Very nice colorful release! Nearly makes me want to try crack, never knew it was that hallucinetic.

    (p.s. the link to the label does not work because the yikis blogpost address is in it too)
    (p.p.s. not commenting doesn’t mean I don’t like how it sucks but more that I have other things that suck too and that I am a bit behind on euh sucking on making comments. Seeing some albums being reviewed 6 years after release assures me there’s no pressure in commenting either, right… ;-p)

  2. kainobuko says:

    Hi Linda. Thank you for your comment. There is absolutely no pressure to comment, it can be now, in six years time or never. After all you are the head of command of the comments.
    I don’t think crack is good, but guess some humans and some specific type of cyborg are quite alright on it. 🙂

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