Eoforwine – The flood

eoforwineartist: Eoforwine
title: The flood
cat: FCK 001
format: floppy diskette (limited to 18)
keywords: noise ambient from Hungary
label: Floppy Kick

The solution for singles that don’t want to be alone is the knowledge that there are other singles out there that you could take into your home without ever to have a argument about. It is a kind of freedom really that makes the life of a single person more adorned than sometimes the single person really realizes.

Getting a single in to your home is now more easy than ever: it is easier than ordering a mail order bride or mail order groom without the whole expensive paperwork of getting married. We live in modern times and with this in mind you do not even have to leave your house to go on speed dates, hang desperately at the bars in search for another single while spending a fortune on drinks and wasted compliments. You just go online and browse to the Hungarian outlet called Floppy Kick and find the exclusive single that appeals to you and with a few easy clicks and an easy transaction the deal would be sealed; and the single of your choice would be send to your home wherever in the world that you are living in.

In a couple of days the single will arrive with the mail and you will not be alone any more, without losing the benefits of being single. Also couples, married lovers and any other kind of person could order such a single for friendship, love, or just something to hold on and listen too. It’s opportunities are endless really as the single is subservient to your needs and doesn’t have the urge to complain in any shape or form. Besides the single can be easily stored in case some other single, friends or family comes over.

Don’t expect that the single will do your household jobs but be free to sleep with it or insert it into your disk drive for aural pleasures. Floppy Kick has all kinds of exclusive singles and collectables waiting in store for you.The one that we have spend some time with to hopefully send it to a new owner is this handsome single created by eoforwine. It’s easy to handle, never gives you problems or is in the way. Eoforwine – The flood is the very first single released by its quality agency of Floppy Kick and that is of course already a nice guarantee that it is a precious beauty.

This single is the shining middle point of every bachelor party, the one that is hot and cool at the same time: Handsome to say the least!  Talk of the town with it’s providing flow that will drown you in a comfortable layer of warm noise. Something to come home and rely on that it will be there providing a fine flooding that will simply get rid of all the headaches of the day. This single by Eoforwine is not out there to displease you and is not too tall or too short, making it perfect companionship for anyone that likes to be complimented by so well noise as ambient and the lovable sight of a handsome floppy diskette.

So stop your flow of tears of being lonely, and instead move over to floppy kick records and order this single into the comfort of your home, hands and audio device!

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