Dank Tony – You could have stopped this…

artist: Dank Tony
title: You could have stopped this…
keywords: experimental, sample-based, swag, samplehop
poem by: just a Dude

Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.
make sure that you have bathed, eaten and dined.
because this is a review in rhyme
for a release oh so fine.
without bullocks or baloney
created by a certain Dank Tony.

His swaggy samplehop
blasting away until you drop.
It might be quite insane
but that’s all part of Tony’s game.
He convinces us with a smile
-better than-
swimming in the Nile.
more chewy than a bunch of prunes
With his out of this world tunes
His tracks are quite expressive and short
perfect lines, easy to snort.

Dank Tony’s music might be a bit strange
so you better donate him some change.
Because he informed us he wants to buy a book.
here is a link, please listen and take a look:
be happy and play it out loud,
you will be WTF, I have no doubt. ❤

the normal reviewer couldn’t find words
– didn’t want to be rude-
hope you enjoyed another poem
written by ‘just a Dude’

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1 Response to Dank Tony – You could have stopped this…

  1. dank tony says:

    thanks i guess i had no idea anyone actually knew my bandcamp :0

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