Fm-ra – experimenting 24/05/2014

indexartist: Fm-ra
title: experimenting 24/05/2014
keywords: experimental, live performance, video

Listening in the afternoon to the audio output of Fm-ra is like peeking into a themed world of the rich flora and fauna of something like a futuristic version of Jurrasic Park.
Strange synthesizes are creating an abstract world that could be so well future as past; aliens mingling with prehistoric large winged rhinos..

Maybe that sounds a bit too far edged but still this highly electronic on the spot creations have something wet, and spacious as if Fm-ra is just receiving and broadcasting the sounds coming from another planet. The sounds seem to call each other like birds do, but how they move can be attached to fantasies of little alien vessels floating in the sky.

The sound of another video of Fm-ra improvising, comes across definitely as if its is coming from an alien source. It is a bit more noisy perhaps, but fills up the brain with sounds that seemed to communicate in a chattering electrified language mixed with data riddles from technology unknown to the human kind.
index2Seeing the visual side of these two videos on its own; it might be that Fm-ra is actually really trying to communicate with another planet, or indeed successfully generated an intergalactic phone connection.
What is this device Fm-ra is using? Might it be the borrowed equipment of E.T. from the ‘phone home’ phrase fame?

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