Linda – Linda

artist: Linda
title: Linda
keywords: pop, electronic, rock, indie, rock pop

Linda by Linda from Buenos aires is hands in the air (who wants a tropical cocktail?) kind of music. The combination of a layer of electronic music with friendly melodies, friendly guitar, drums and a nice layer of cream pop on top. You can pick up the sunshine vibes as they seemed to shine trough the happiness. Linda’s voice is different than you would expect from a Linda, but that’s probably because there is no real person called Linda behind the scenes of Linda. In fact this Linda consists of Diego Fare, who sings, programmed and plays the guitar as well as synthesizers. The other part of this Linda is Nico Moauro who contributes with percussion, drums, voice and synths. It’s these two gentleman who keep the name of Linda intact by giving it a total complimenting sound of sunny happiness that might upgrade the look and feel of how people see a Linda. It might even lift up the corners of a real life Linda’s mouth; transforming it into a timid smile.
If Linda was a country or a beach resort, I guess that the tourist agency representing it, would be very happy with this Linda tribute.
Hear Linda by Linda over here:

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