Charlton – Intelligent Life EP

artist: Charlton
title: Intelligent Life EP
keywords: electronic, acid, bedaubing, beelpy, creepy, dark eerie, roffa, techno
label: mord
reviewer: Willem van O.

Charlton brings a reason to go for a full out psychedelic electronic swing.
His ‘Intelligent life EP’ goes for an approach of excellent electrifying sequences and to the point rhythms. There might be not a lot of other things to say than that this release is an instant boost for lovers of old school techno and tripped out dance music lovers. Really nice stuff that works instantly on the muscles by provoking them to dance.

The label releasing this EP let us all know that this work has the full support of legendary deejays that we are not very familiar with. Apparently Luke Slator and Dave Clarke (I believe they might be famous) gave it two thumbs up, among the many others.. But don’t let that put you off as with or without the approval of deejays; it is still a very good record!

In fact we might not be a hot producer or a legendary disc jockey but also ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ approves this EP. Three thumbs up and five toes high up in the air and a fine nod of agreement!

Do not be afraid to click on the link and push the volume up as Charlton’s music plays, as it is for sure the right thing to do. Just feel the vibes, the music, the bass, the kick interlocking with the pushing high hat and enjoy the bubbly acid hidden in the sound. ‘Intelligent life’ doesn’t require a lot of thinking, but instead works well as a pleasurable vacation while your body can move to the rhythm; making you feel oh so good.

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